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New IRA Interview On The Border, Brexit And Armed Resistance

Featured below is an interview by Channel 4 News in Britain with a spokesperson for the so-called New Irish Republican Army; though like the Provisional IRA before it the organisation does not use the qualifier, instead claiming continuity of title and authority with the military force that emerged from the coalition of revolutionary groupings during the Easter Rising of 1916. The masked volunteer, also dubbed with a voice-over to help preserve his anonymity, makes the following points about the violently imposed border on the island of Ireland, the question of Brexit and the relevance of the Good Friday Agreement in light of recent events:

“There is no such thing as an Irish border. It’s a British border.

Since its formation, since its inception the purpose of the IRA has been to take action against all such infrastructure of British occupation.

It’s important to understand that this is a country under occupation by Britain, and as in any colonial situation the people have the right there to respond by all means necessary to that occupation.

Regardless of the form of occupation, whatever kind of border there is – be it soft or so called hard border – that’s irrelevant.

We are talking about an illegal occupation here that means the IRA reserved the right to attack those who are upholding that illegal occupation along the border and elsewhere and the illegal partition that goes with it. And those who are upholding that.

The EU and the British and the 26 county administration constantly speak about the border as if it’s been there two minutes and it’s only an issue with Brexit. There’s been a border since 1921. It’s been resisted. It is being resisted. It will be resisted regardless of any deal formed around it.

Firstly, the Good Friday Agreement is dead. It was superseded by various other agreements such as the Leeds Castle, St Andrews, Hillsborough deals and others. So the Good Friday Agreement is defunct.

Secondly the Good Friday Agreement was not ratified by the Irish people as a unit, as a whole, but by two separate questions depending on which statelet they lived in.”

Quizzed about the obvious lack of domestic support in the country for the use of armed struggle to remove the UK legacy colony in the Six Counties the New IRA spokesperson countered the question by noting London’s lack of democratic mandate to govern any part of the island.

“…we are not the wrong side of history. No colony has ever secured its freedom without armed resistance.

We have more support than the Conservative Party, but they lord it over us. We also have more support in Ireland than the Labour Party does.”

The broadcast ends with the observation that MI5, the well-known synonym for Britain’s Security Service, an espionage organisation that played a terrible role in prolonging and deepening the Troubles, has warned Boris Johnson not to test the resolve of militant Irish republicans to challenge the return of a hard border around the Six Counties.

6 comments on “New IRA Interview On The Border, Brexit And Armed Resistance

  1. Have given them publicity. Dangerous game. They enjoy publicity and feed off it. Should not have done it.


    • Irish Jay 32 30

      Phil you need to wind your neck in, thats fascism you displayed, regardless or not if you agree with them or not, they deserve to have their say, you can’t just ignore people when they’re making a ligitimate point, ireland is occupied by britain and the eu, i prefer the vote myself but as that fella below says there was no appetite for armed resistance in 1916 6 years later part of the nation was freed albeit free state status like from britain so who are we to say we should not give them a voice, thats fascism which if you believe it the nazis did on the jews in ww2 and by fact the israelis are doing on the palestinians in gaza right now as we speak


  2. There was not much taste for violence in 1916 if you judged the hostile reaction of Dubliners at the time, SF does not hold the copyright on Irish republicanism by the way. The GFA as proved by recent court ruling you are British if born in the occupied 6 counties, so much for the GFA that lied about this.


  3. This “interview” was like a scene straight out of Give My Head Peace. A guy dressed head-to-toe in pound-shop military garb, wearing one leg of his wife’s black tights over his head topped off with a balaclava, issuing threats in staccato/automaton fashion. It was so dated, I was half-expecting Agadoo to start playing in the background. Right down to the faux Irish accent in the voice-over – surely to Christ Channel 4 could have hired a real Irish person to do that.
    I know these guys are dangerous, albeit in a limited way, and I presume that’s what they were trying to get across in the interview. If so, they failed miserably. It came across like a sketch from a comedy show.


  4. Ha, ha, if you want another laugh, check out this morning’s Twitter feed from uber-loyalist Jamie Bryson on the EU/UK agreement. He claims that “the democratic wishes of the people of Northern Ireland” are being ignored by Johnson and the EU. This totally ignores the fact that the democratic wish of the people of NI was to Remain, which has been, errr, totally ignored by the DUP and himself. He claims that a simple majority vote in the assembly “gives a veto to nationalism”. So, according to him then, a majority only counts as “democratic” if it’s a unionist majority.

    Jamie hasn’t twigged yet that the real problem, from his and the DUP’s perspective, is that there is now no incentive at all for Sinn Fein to reinstate the assembly. The half-in half-out arrangement stays in place unless or until voted down by the assembly. No assembly, no change.

    Well done the DUP, they’ve managed to bring a reunited Ireland closer than it’s ever been since partition.


  5. Johnson must have got the memo: “The head of an influential London-based right-wing think tank believes it’s time for a vote on Irish unity.
    Civitas director David Green, who describes Northern Ireland as a “millstone round the neck of the rest of the UK”, points to a recent opinion poll conducted by Lord Ashcroft that found a small majority in favour of border poll.”

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