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That Wobbly Google Stadia Launch

In my own opinion, the future of computer gaming lies almost entirely in online platforms and services, perhaps with virtualised machines or consoles, with the only real limits being the money in your bank account and the quality of your internet connection. However, the technology and infrastructure to support an entirely cloud-based gaming experience equivalent to that of having a local device and playable media in your sitting room or bedroom isn’t there yet and won’t be for some considerable time. Which brings me to the rather shambolic launch of Google Stadia, the new internet gaming service from the American tech-giant which seems to have promised much more than it could actually deliver. Here are two fair reviews of the controversy from the YouTube Channels Review Tech USA and Gamers Nexus. There is also a nice teardown of the Stadia equipment itself. Most of the problems can be attributed to teething issues, some of which have already been resolved, but hardcore gamers are unlikely to go down the online-only platform route just yet.

2 comments on “That Wobbly Google Stadia Launch

  1. That’s the thing about neoliberalism – nothing ever works.


  2. The problem with wanting everything to be an in-home aparatus?

    It’s stupid frankly. People will always want to go to movie theaters, even outdoor night movies. Teenagers love the social aspect of an arcade.

    My brother uses a formula using the side of a modern TV screen relative to a room to the size of a movie screen relative to where you are sitting to prove they are-pretty much the same. That may be true from a mathematical perspective, but the experience of sitting in the theater isn’t so simple.

    Not to mention that most people DO want to get out of the house!!!


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