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The Right-Wing Of UK Labour Wants To Out-Tory The Tories

With the formerly sidelined neo-liberal contingent of the Westminster Labour Party now moving to prevent the selection of a left-wing successor to the defeated leader Jeremy Corbyn, cheered on by a sympathetic media, here is a signal of what the neo-Blairites intend the grouping to look like in Brexit Britain. From the centre-left MP Stephen Kinnock speaking on the BBC in a discussion about the general election and the future of the party:

“I think two massive issues were patriotism and Brexit… [to win back support] we need to marry that with a clear, realistic, patriotic Labour Party leader.”

The new buzzword in UK politics: patriotism.

6 comments on “The Right-Wing Of UK Labour Wants To Out-Tory The Tories

  1. rossioncoyle

    Realistic patriotism……im excited already…

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  2. Kinnock’s da lost two General Elections yet the son has some cheek coming on TV attacking Corbyn. I dont think the right have a candidate to coalesce around to be honest. Long-Bailey seems to have the left sown up. How much have the Kinnock family taken from Europe down the years it must be a quite tidy sum.


  3. Do the Labour party have any ex military officers among the new intake? The majority of the new MP’s are female so a female leader is more than likely. As long as it isnt Jess Phillips I don’t mind to be honest. I don’t think it will be Keir Starmer. David Lammy or Rebbeca Long-Bailey seems the most likely option.


  4. So, a Labour Party with a left-wing leader and a left-wing manifesto gets trounced in its heartland,
    And the solution is – move further left!


  5. So, a Labour Party with a left-wing leader and a left-wing manifesto gets trounced in its heartland.
    And the answer is – move further left!


  6. Brits, even in the previously labour ex industrial heartlands are just that – Brits.

    Not for them progressive policies that would after ten years of austerity and decline lift their lot. No, rather a call to Empire, to the blame of Johnny Foreigner who has stained their land. No surprise therefore thst the donkeys of an Empire long faded were attracted to a right wing facist party like Johnston’s Tories.

    The bastards will suffer for it but not before they have made it a hostile place for the immigrant and or whatever minority requires punishment for the decline that will inevitably continue.


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