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Noraly Schoenmaker Or Itchy Boots, The YouTube Adventurer

Despite growing out of my obsession with motorbikes some years ago, I still have a great interest in bikes and bikers. Thankfully YouTube has a wealth of well-made channels devoted to the subject and one of the most enjoyable is Itchy Boots, the video travelogue of the Dutch motorbike adventurer Noraly Schoenmaker. In 2018-19 she chronicled her circuitous journey from Malaysia to the Netherlands and she is doing the same again in 2020, travelling solo from Argentina to Alaska on a Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle. It is inspiring stuff, and all the more admirable for seeing a young woman tackle some of the most remote areas of the world with little more than her own determination and intelligence to guide her. Below is a taster of what she does and why you should subscribe to her channel.

8 comments on “Noraly Schoenmaker Or Itchy Boots, The YouTube Adventurer

  1. Darn. I’d still think about getting checked for the shots, if a strange dog was biting at me in South America.

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    • Yep, me too! Though I’d also think twice about riding around South America on a bike, on my own, on every back road I could find. Pretty damn brave, in my book 🙂


      • The land looks almost exactly parts of the Sonora Desert -Part of the Southwestern US and North Mexico. In particular if you go from Sonora to the High Grasslands and/or Forests (mostly Juniper-Pinyon or Ponderosa Pine), I can’t pick out any difference in the landscape except the US street signage.

        Biking in South America like that is brave (I personally took trains and buses on that Continent!!!). Fucking with rabies is, however, is just a horrible idea. I knew a man who saw a little girl with rabies in Mexico as a teenager. Despite 2 infantry tours in Vietnam he said it was the worst thing he had ever seen in his life. I never saw the illness in a person. Just one cat and one beautiful orange fox (noted similarity to title). Even though I know Britain in particular shows scare movies about rabies to kids (suspect they might have reached Ireland), the worst of them can’t convey with a diabolical disease it is-even seeing in cats or foxes. I wouldn’t wave off a bite even here where 99.5% of the pet dogs and even many of the strays have been vaccinated.

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  2. Michael Harte

    Wonderful wandering on your bike had my first when I was twenty Iam now eighty and still on the bike you are really an insperation you are mad and fearless have a safe journey


  3. Gene Short

    I am an American and have traveled for many years. I worked in Karachi, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. I never took the back roads so your travels are very interesting. I especially liked your trip through Iran. Being American I would not be able to visit Iran. So with your trip I was able to visit. I was shocked at how beautiful the country is and how friendly the people are to you. In the news you always get the bad side of the people. It was good to see how good you were treated. Thank you. Gene


  4. Oscar Pappa

    I admire Itchy boots courage, humor, braveness, and the main thing… She is always positive and smiling. I wish I could do the same she is doing. Congratulations Noraly. I will be waiting for your pass through Guatemala after all this corona virus situation comes to a happy end for the world and human kind. Go Go Itchy Boots
    I wonder who is editing your videos, and choosing music ? My job is Photographer, films and video editor also, and I think that whoever is doing yours, is doing a GREAT JOB !!! Congratulations.. Take care and hope to see you soon on your channels and videos. By the way, I am also a motorcyclist (Enduro, Motocross, and now Adventure biker ) since many many years ago….


  5. clay mays

    Noraly/ you have become an icon for adventure. when you went over that snowy pass in Kyrgistan, i thought you might freeze. i have an idea of something that would be fun for you and your fans. since you are near Utrecht, you could look up another famous Hollander, Dafne Schippers. the two of you could travel around [maybe on bicycles] meeting people and showing off your country. it looks like there are many interesting things around Utrecht. people would be surprised and delighted to see the 2 famous Hollanders together. i live in Salida,Colorado, which means we could do a float down the Arkansas River. of course, this will only happen if normality returns. Clay Mays


    • Vidar Mathisen

      Amazing women, very interesting to watch her adventures on two wheels 🙂


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