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The Hidden Politics Of YouTube’s VisualPolitik Channel?

The left-leaning commentator BadEmpanada has published a video exploring VisualPolitik, the current affairs network that uploads seemingly objective geopolitical analyses in Spanish and English to YouTube with a tech-savvy, hispter audience in mind. If you subscribe or search for political content on the Google platform you will almost certainly have encountered some of the channel’s output and assumed that this was the work of a handful of politically-engaged individuals, including the main presenter, Simon Whistler. In reality the British host is simply a former YouTuber who has become a regurgitating talking head for a wide range of fairly anodyne online channels. In the case of VisualPolitik the real power behind the curtain lies with a centre-right media company based in Spain that has disguised its carefully packaged neoliberal propaganda on YouTube as a series of snappy, outwardly non-partisan guides. Perhaps a better name for the channel would be Caveat Emptor?



12 comments on “The Hidden Politics Of YouTube’s VisualPolitik Channel?

  1. They also stated that Poland is the next Germany as the av. salary is now $15000 and more.
    The video shows in many ways they got no clue about Poland.


  2. $15000 per mounth.


  3. James Fretz

    This was barely a review. How about you write a real article rather than just regurgitating what someone else has already said…. ironic isn’t it?


  4. James Fretz

    Also if they are center right, why do they take an overwhelmingly left standing side on social issues?


    • Neoliberalism is more often than not economically conservative, and socially – on certain virtue-signaling issues – progressive. Limited identity politics, yes, class politics, no.


    • he’s a libertarian. that’s how it works half the time, and how it’s actually supposed to work.


  5. Tag: alt-right

    You have to be joking…. I knew socialists were stupid, but that’s a new low!


  6. Another person

    Calling Simon Whistler a former YouTube shows how little research is behind this article. He runs 5-6 channels currently.


  7. Wow! What a post. The issue with radical is they don’t go out on vacations.

    How easy is to talk without a base of knoledge.

    Each video – read carefully – relased by Visualpolitik (since the first one) shows always both sides of the coin. Suported on a serius history research as a part of it, and documented base of most prestigius media press in the world.

    Thick words thouse that defines Simon Wistler as mouth word throws out wide range of fairly anodyne online channels content.

    Thanks god the readers know that the secret of boring is to speak ill of someone

    Take this warning: It is better to keep your mouth shut and look stupid than to open it and dispel all doubt.


  8. I agree with the sentiment. i first seen this guy in channel about science or interesting facts akin to Joe Scott, Veritasium or Vsause. But it has quickly become evident, that he’s not a scientist and that his understanding was shallow beyond that you can read in the press.

    Then I’ve stumbled into his more political videos. Like “Is Putin the richest man alive?” where he makes case that if he is, it’s gonna be hard to track, but at the end expresses sort of opinion “probably not”. A non sequitur. It was negligence at best. I stopped wasting time on his videos, content “regurgitation” is a good description indeed.


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