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How To Change Back To Classic Editor From Gutenberg Block Editor In WordPress

If, like me, you’ve been having a bit of a nightmare with the new so-called block editor when writing and publishing posts on your WordPress hosted blog then I have a (possibly short-lived) solution for you. Simply log into your WordPress account in your preferred internet browser, paste the below url or internet address into the browser navigation bar, substitute your blog name for the “yourblog” text and presto, you’re back to the Classic editor rather than the infamous Gutenberg update.

I’ve bookmarked the new address in my Firefox browser so you should probably do the same. Given the amount of ill-feeling about the new default editor imposed on its users by WordPress, and the general consensus among blogging and technology experts that the block editor actively impedes long-form writing, I’m surprised that the option to retain the old coding has not been kept. But then again, Automattic, the company behind the blogging platform, is offering a Classic Editor plugin for those willing to pay for a Business plan on the site. So maybe not so surprising after all. Just very disappointing.

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  1. Thanks a million for the tip. The block editor is the classic solution for a problem that does not exist. It’s a bit of a nightmare and even the ‘classic’ block doesn’t function all that well. I saw that re the Classic Editor plugin which is depressing to put it mildly given it costs money. I was trying to work out who would find the block editor useful but I can’t see a use case that makes any great sense.

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    • Yeah, I rarely have time to blog these days and when I do, the last thing I want is an hour of struggling with an unwieldy post editor. I just want to write, copy-and-paste my links or quotes, chose my tags or whatever, and hit publish.

      The block editor just makes that so much more difficult. And I notice that the complaints are still rolling in from users who have been stuck with it for several months now. It’s definitely not a case of a steep learning curve and then you appreciate it. WordPress users loathe it.

      When some people are even migrating back to Google’s blogger you know things must be bad! 😉

      It’s the money angle that annoys me more. Generally I thought WordPress was the fairest platform out there. Very hands off and geared to writing first, gimmicks later.

      Nothing stays the same I suppose.

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      • That was it exactly, WordPress seemed more reasonable. I hate the dynamic of people saying something is better when it is in every sense worse. Unwieldy is the word. The other thing I find is that the iteration on tablets etc is no great shakes either with some really odd work processes. Was posting up something this morning and the simple ‘Post Now’ button wasn’t visible in a certain field. It’s that lack of intuitive GUI etc that is so puzzling. Stuff is meant to be simpler, not more complex.

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  2. Haven’t tried word press, but have a burning curiosity about the keyboard on in picture. Yours? Is that specialized or something you could get anywhere. I don’t remember seeing a keyboard with such extra symbols. Most of the ones I know have just lower and upper case for the letters, and maybe two symbols per key for the numbers and other symbols. That one seems to have various Latin letters with diacritics-not all of which I can place, and a bunch of extra symbols I’ve not seen on a computer keyboard of any kind. Such as what looks like a pound sign on the P key and an lambda and 2 dots on the right.

    Where did you get that….if it’s yours?


  3. Why not download Classic Editor for WordPress, a plugin? I did on my website and it works just fine with the latest WP release.


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