The Demand For Self-Government In Cornwall

Last week the New Statesman magazine, an influential voice on the centre-left of British politics, featured an unusually sympathetic piece by the journalist Tim Wigmore examining the socio-economic decline of Cornwall, the UK’s south-western Celtic nation. The claim that the region, officially an administrative county of England and long synonymous with the holiday-homes and boutique… Read More The Demand For Self-Government In Cornwall

Mebyon Kernow Wants 2016 To Be Cornwall’s Year

Mebyon Kernow, the Party for Cornwall, has outlined its objectives to make 2016 the year of “…Cornish recognition”. This follows the UK’s long overdue designation of the Cornish people as a national minority in Britain under the Council of Europe’s “Framework Convention on National Minorities”. Announced back in 2014 by the then chief secretary to the treasury, Danny Alexander, relatively little has been done to… Read More Mebyon Kernow Wants 2016 To Be Cornwall’s Year

The Cornish Win Their Fight For Recognition

Congratulations to the people of Cornwall on the success of their long campaign to win official recognition from the British government for their status as a distinct national minority on the island of Britain. The announcement today means that the Cornish will see the granting of regulatory standing for their identity, language and culture by the… Read More The Cornish Win Their Fight For Recognition

Cornwall Awakening

To my shame I’ve written relatively little about the nationalist movement in Cornwall, in some ways the almost forgotten nation of the modern Celtic world, but an article in the Guardian thankfully highlights some of the more recent political developments there: “When Loveday Jenkin was growing up, the Cornish flag was rarely seen. Now the white cross on a… Read More Cornwall Awakening