Being something of a Pan-Celtic Nationalist (and Pan-Gaelic in particular) I like to keep a close eye on my fellow sea-divided Gaels. So I regularly peruse the main Scottish blogsites (I rarely bother with Scotland’s media – it’s as North British as Ireland’s is West British).

My favourites are the excellent Gerry Hassan (read it!), Pat Kane (yes, he of former pop-combo Hue an’ Cry), Joan McAlpine (great blog name: Go, Lassie, Go) and Bella Caledonia. The latter carries a good overview of the Culture Cycle of books by Scottish author Iain M. Banks (and a recent SNP convert from being a long-standing and very vocal British Labour supporter). It is well worth a read if you are unfamiliar with Banks’ wonderful Sci-Fi output. Very European, very Scottish, very, very good.

My own thoughts on the Culture series can be found here, and here.

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