The Celtic Origin Revised: the Atlantic View and the Nordwestblock Blues (via Rokus Blog)

An excellent overview of the new (and increasingly popular) ‘Celtic From The West Theory’, albeit with the focus mainly on the Low Countries.

In short, the new paradigm argues that the origins of the Celtic peoples is to be found in Western Europe, along the coastal regions of the Atlantic seaboard (Spain, Portugal, Western France, Britain and Ireland) and amongst the trade-linked communities of Neolithic western Europe.

In simple terms the historical Celts emerged where the historical Celts always have been – in the coastal and island regions of western and north-western Europe. That means no Celtic invasion of Ireland, as such, since the Celts have probably always been there – and still are.

It also means that the great Henge monuments of western Europe, Brú na Bóinne (Newgrange), Stonehenge, Karnag, etc. were in fact built by the Celts – or at least their immediate ancestors.

Well worth a read.

(P.S. it also means that dear old Bob Quinn – he of ‘The Atlantean’ book and TV series fame – was onto something after all, just not exactly what he thought)

The Celtic Origin Revised: the Atlantic View and the Nordwestblock Blues Important shifts in the concept of Celtic origin are taking place. A new book edited by Profs. Cunliffe and Koch is due out in June and announced by Oxbow Books thus: The Celtic from the West proposal was first presented in Barry Cunliffe’s Facing the Ocean (2001) and has subsequently found resonance amongst geneticists. It provoked controversy on the part of some linguists, though is significantly in accord with John Koch’s findings in Tartessia … Read More

via Rokus Blog

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