Dad’s Army Panic Grips The British Left – Thanks To Alex Salmond

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the last few weeks has been watching the defenders of the neighbouring artificial entity known as the United Kingdom going through almost comical intellectual somersaults in an effort to do down the recent electoral successes of the Scottish National Party (SNP). The newspapers, radio, television and internet has been replete with articles and opinion pieces on why Scottish independence won’t work, why the British state is best, and why Alex Salmond is the incarnation of the prince of evil (just look at that wicked smirk of his!).

The best of this Dad’s Army panic is to be found amongst Britain’s leftwing media outlets where under the guise of supporting the Union some of the most outrageous British nationalist flag-waving is to be found. Liberal Britain’s long-standing intellectual dishonesty that British Unionism is not British Nationalism under another name has never looked so disingenuous: and deliciously so.

Now Britain’s socialist great and the good are prancing around trying to outdo each other in their bellicose and bizarrely personal challenges to Alex Salmond, with clarion cries of: bring it on!

Being Irish one cannot but feel sympathy for our fellow Gaels. In this nation we remember all too well the reaction of liberal, socialist and communist Britain to Ireland’s struggle for freedom at the start of the 20th century, and how the most red of British working class champions readily lined up with the champions of the Empire to try and defeat the democratic will of the Irish people. The partition of the island of Ireland that we live with to this day is one legacy of that unholy alliance, though one thankfully fading as the British-imposed border and the British-imposed colonial state of Northern Ireland becomes more and more an irrelevance, and a future foot-note in the history books.

In the meantime though… some thankfully sane Scottish voices are to be found in the links here.

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