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The SDLP. Why?


Okay. The SDLP is in the crapper, Margaret Ritchie’s leadership has made things worse, and they badly need something or someone to pull them out of it before they get flushed away, right down the sewer pipe of history. The answer? Yet another leadership election! 

RTÉ reports

‘SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie is to be challenged for the leadership of the party. 

Deputy leader Patsy McGlone is to stand for the leadership at the SDLP annual conference in November. 

Mr McGlone is an MLA based in Cookstown, Co Tyrone. 

Ms Ritchie took over the leadership of the party at the beginning of last year when she defeated Alastair McDonnell for the top job. 

She is the first SDLP leader is face a challenge since the party was founded over 40 years ago, and the leadership contest follows a poor performance in the Stormont Assembly elections earlier this year when the SDLP lost seats.’ 

Wow. Or rather, yawn. In a statement from the challenger McGlone (issued on his Facebook Profile – go figure): 

‘The way forward for us needs three strategic elements: strong leadership, clarity of message and radically improved grassroots organisation.’ 

I’m, like, totally underwhelmed. 

But here comes some exciting news, via the Belfast Telegraph! 

‘SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie could face a second challenger after South Belfast MP Alasdair McDonnell said he is being urged to step forward.’ 

Did he say that? Really? Who’s he being urged to step forward by? Himself and his cat? 

Just what the SDLP needs as potential leaders. Another two embittered and divisive also-rans. As they say in Republican circles, when’s the split? 

If you want to read more check out Slugger. But honestly, why bother?

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