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Desperation In The Ranks – Labour And The Tories In Scotland

With the debate amongst the rival candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party in Scotland becoming increasingly divisive as competing visions for the party’s future jockey for position, it seems the Labour Party may be about to follow suit. According to the Daily Record:

‘SHELL-SHOCKED Scottish Labour are planning their biggest shake-up in 100 years in a bid to take the fight to Alex Salmond.

Proposals by MP Jim Murphy will go before their ruling executive committee today which could “transform” the party.

The blueprint is the result of a four-month review led by Murphy and MSP Sarah Boyack following Labour’s crushing defeat in the Holyrood election.

Insiders who have seen secret presentations by the pair say the plans amount to Labour’s biggest shake-up since 1918.

But some changes could prove so controversial with sections of of the party that there are no guarantees the committee of MPs, MSPs, union leaders, local party bosses and others will give their approval when they meet in Glasgow today.

Under the radical plans, Scottish Labour would:

● Loosen ties with the UK party.

● Appoint a Scottish leader – who might not be an MSP – with unprecedented powers to shape policy and plan strategy north of the Border.

● Kick out long-serving MPs and MSPs and train a new generation of “top notch” candidates.

● Reconnect with the business world.

● Haul themselves into the 21st century by using social media for campaigning.’

The reactions to the new proposals have been, to say the least, mixed and they are sure to stir up the same sort of hornets’ nest that is currently buzzing around the heads of the Tory Party. It also reveals just how pessimistic both main British political parties have become about their electoral fortunes in Scotland. In Irish terms Labour has increasingly assumed the role of the SDLP to the SNP’s Sinn Féin, the Scottish Nationalist’s now dominating the centre-left of Scottish politics. As with their ‘sister party’ in the North of Ireland, Labour find themselves increasingly an irrelevance in modern Scotland, a party whose traditional ideological territory has been occupied and annexed by its main rival and which has sought electoral refuge in the dubious safety of British nationalist rhetoric.

Meanwhile the Conservative Party seems determined to inflict more damage on itself, caught like a rabbit in the headlights unable to decide which direction to head in. With a nationalist juggernaut approaching ahead the middle of the road is no place to be and in the coming years the gap between Scottishness and Britishness can only grow. The Tories, like Labour, may well find that in 21st century Scotland the gap between the two can no longer be bridged.

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  1. We need to keep a very close eye on the Unionist parties. They will try the all the tricks in the book to subvert Scotland’s quest for independence.


  2. I quiet agree. A few of those tricks are being played out already. Thanks for the Comment.


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