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Troika Bagman Gets A Grilling!

Veteran Irish journalist Vincent Brown takes on the Troika bagman, Klaus Masuch, at the EU-ECB-IMF Press Conference in Dublin with some questions the Frankfurt Eurocrat would clearly prefer not to answer (like, why are the people of Ireland paying for the financial chicanery of German, French and British banks and lending houses?). Apparently Barbara Nolan, Director of the European Commission Representation in Ireland (god, they love their fancy titles don’t they?), would prefer if those questions weren’t asked either and judging from the reactions around Brown it would seem that much of the so-called Irish media would agree.

Irish journalists challenging the establishment consensus? Don’t be silly. They are the establishment!

4 comments on “Troika Bagman Gets A Grilling!

  1. an sionneach eile

    Barbara Nolan used tp be considered as one of the more progressive ones in the European Commission. But, as she shows here, fundamenatally she doesn’t beliveve that us paddies (or anyone else for that matter) should be let run our own affairs without the all seeing eye of the EU looking over us. She’s one of the ‘up against the wall’ people come the revolution.
    (Get out Barb while you can)

    Good blog bu the way.


    • Thanks for the Comment. Given current developments the accusation that the EU Commission is simply the government-in-waiting has taken on more of a bite.


  2. James Todd

    Does Ireland see itself as being part of Europe? Here in America we tend to view you gentlemen as being independent from everyone else. The UK as well, but to a much lesser extent than Ireland. I guess I don’t understand why you don’t use a native currency, rather than the euro.


    • Thanks for the Comment, James. Views in Ireland on Europe are quiet complex. After all there is “Europe” and then the “European Union” (EU) which are quiet different things. I think its safe to say that Ireland has gone from being very pro-EU to increasingly sceptical of the whole institution. Ireland joined the eurozone when the EU seemed the best game in town, as it were. Now…


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