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“Irish Fans To Face SAS” – Diplomatic, No?

To be honest with you I have little to no interest in this Euro 2012 malarkey. Soccer? God awful sport. Give me hurling any day. And then what is this “Republic of Ireland” team I keep hearing about?

Where is that? The Republic of Ireland, I mean? Ireland I know. Éire I know. But the ROI? What the sweet jangling jaysus is that?

However this caught my eye following on from some apparent clashes in the Polish city of Poznan between fans (short for fanatics, of course) of the Irish, Croatian and Polish soccer teams. I think someone may be out to wind Irish supporters up. What do you think?

Via the Croatian Times:

Pole-Axed: Irish Fans Face SAS

Irish football fans at Euro 2012 are facing Poland’s elite SAS-style squad who’ve been deployed on heightened alert for rioters and thugs at the tournament.

The feared black-clad GROM – translated as Lightning Squad – have been rehearsing set-piece anti-riot tactics and simulated hostage rescues for weeks in the build up to the event.”

Oh yes, that will go down well in Ireland. Irish people to “face SAS“? Well done the Croatian Times on the headline. Any more petrol to throw on that fire?

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