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The British “N” Word – Nationalism

The Lallands Peat Worrier is one of the most literate and erudite writers in the Scottish Nationalist blogosphere. He is one of my regular go-to people when I want a more in-depth analysis of Scottish affairs, especially in the convoluted area of law and constitutional jurisdiction. In fact, I’m frankly jealous of his abilities. Not least when I read a lengthy piece from him on British Nationalism. For only the British could claim that their nationalism is in fact not nationalism. And, indeed, all other nationalisms are nationalism. And therefore abhorrent.

The Peat Worrier takes a sharpened pin to this balloon of hypocritical pomposity. Enjoy.

4 comments on “The British “N” Word – Nationalism

  1. An Duine Gruamach

    And he writes beautifully, he really does.


  2. Seen this from Wales on a similar theme?


    • Great link, Macsen, proving the point yet again. Unionism is simply another word for Nationalism. Putting “Civic” or some other qualifier in front of it does not make it anything but nationalism – and British or Greater English nationalism to boot.


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