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You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round…

Albain (Scotland)

It seems that when it comes to coverage by the British news media on the independence campaign in Scotland all news is good news; for the Unionist cause, that is. Or so they have decided.

From the London-based The Daily Telegraph:

“Support for Scottish independence has dropped in the three weeks since the SNP launched its campaign to break up the United Kingdom, an opinion poll shows.

The survey found 35 per cent of Scots who are certain to vote in the 2014 referendum back independence, down four points since January, when pollsters asked the same question.

Over the same period opposition to separation has increased five points to 55 per cent.

The results are particularly poor for the SNP as Ipsos MORI used the party’s preferred referendum question, which makes no reference to leaving the UK.”

Newsnet Scotland reports the same story – with a very different interpretation of the survey:

“Welcoming the publication of a poll from IPSOS/MORI in the Times and Sun putting support for independence at 35 per cent – up two points since the last poll published at the end of May – Scottish National Party Campaign Director Angus Robertson said:

“Compared to the poll commissioned by Alistair Darling on the eve of the Yes campaign launch, support for independence is up by two points to 35 per cent and opposition is down two points – and a MORI poll last December had independence at 29 per cent, or six points less than in this poll.”

Oh dear…

2 comments on “You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round…

  1. And this after a prolonged and intense Britnat festival! Good news for they YES side – And only 29% support the status quo – the only alternative offered by the unionists!


    • Very true, Siôn. The recent festivities (Jubilees, Olympic torches and such like) should have had a big effect on public opinion across the island of Britain, from a Unionist point of view. But there doesn’t seem to have been much of a polling “bounce” outside of England (and perhaps Wales, though you can tell me that. Are all these rumours of potential defections from Plaid Cymru to Welsh Labour going to turn out to be true?)


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