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Last week I reported on the risible claim by some journo over at the Oirish Independent newspaper that staff with the Irish language radio station Raidió na Gaeltachta were on the same exorbitant salaries as the rest of RTÉ’s employees (RnaG is part of the RTÉ corporation – to its misfortune). The article also claimed that RTÉ’s Irish language news and current affairs output which is supplied to RnaG and TG4, as well as broadcast on RTÉ Nuacht, was to be “amalgamated”. Since TG4 is an entirely separate public broadcaster from RTÉ I was able to point out just what complete and utter nonsense that claim was. And hey! Guess what? From today’s Indo, under the “…and in other news” section:

“Meanwhile, a RTE Raidio na Gaeltachta spokesperson has clarified that staff at the Irish language station are not paid the same as their RTE counterparts, as was reported last week, and are actually paid less. They are on a grade and pay structure unique to any other division in RTE.

It is now understood that a triangular consolidation of Irish language assets, as was reported with respect to the proposed overall RTE reforms, is not to take place. This consolidation would have seen an amalgamation of Radio na Gaeltachta, TG4, and the Nuacht news service.

However, TG4 and RTE are in fact two separate bodies under the 2009 Broadcasting Act, and such an amalgamation would require a change to the act. There is, however, a process under way to amalgamate the RTE Raidio na Gaeltachta news service and the RTE Nuacht news service, as part of an urgent process at RTE to maximise efficiencies and to reduce costs. RTE Nuacht provides Irish-language television news for RTE and TG4.”

As I stated on An Sionnach Fionn more than once, unify TG4 and RnaG as a single public service broadcaster, and turn RTÉ over entirely to English language programming. It’s 99% of the way there already so why keep flogging a dead horse? Let it go the same way as private rivals TV3 and 3e with wall-to-wall Anglo-American trash: quiz shows, reality shows, soft-porn and infomercials. At least with a new Teilifís Raidió na Gaeilge or TRnaG corporation controlling revamped television and radio broadcasters TG4 and RnaG (and hopefully a new, nationally-orientated RG4) we might have something that intelligent adults can engage with, instead of the casual infantilisation of the general public that comes from our current English language broadcasters.

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    • Hi, and thanks for the link. I did indeed read it, and was thoroughly depressed by the Comments left underneath. I have a link to the article in a post, Kicking The Pale Where It Hurts.

      I sometimes think we are in the middle of an almost “ethnic” war in Ireland that no one declared, no one fully realises is going on, but has been fought all around us for the last nine decades (and a hell of a lot longer than that). As one of those who commented underneath the article stated (albeit with a more open attitude than most), he is Anglo-Irish, his ancestors were Anglo-Irish and he and they never spoke Irish and never will speak it.

      There is a true struggle here between those who regard themselves as indigenous Irish or identify or associate with that identity through language and culture regardless of their origins and those who deny any such identity in the first place and insist that Irishness equals the English language and an Anglo-American culture with a green tinge. For the latter any other form of Irishness is a direct threat – and challenge.


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