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Men Of Violence?

British separatists who attacked the Occupy Camp on Black Mountain displaying improvised weapons they used to beat people and the shreds of the Irish national flag they damaged in the assaults

In relation to my earlier post about the demonstration on Black Mountain overlooking Belfast where Republicans from the 1916 Societies  erected a large Irish national flag and the words “Ériu Is Our Queen” as part of an Occupy camp in protest at the visit by the British head of state, here is a photo posted by some of the gang of men and youths from the British separatist minority in the area who attacked the camp. Several people were hurt, and one man hospitalised, as the gang of 40-50 people armed with hammers, spades, an axe and other improvised weapons assaulted the members of the camp and tried to destroy the protest symbols.

Meanwhile there is confusion about the role of the British paramilitary police, the PSNI, in the incidences that occurred today and tonight. More here from the Guardian.

7 comments on “Men Of Violence?

  1. John Meehan

    You should reconsider your support for the McGuinness/British Queen handshake – the Deputy First Minister must immediately call off this meeting.


    • An understandable view but its all done and dusted now. However a visit by Martin McG or comment on the peaceful nature of the protest would be welcome. It was genuine, imaginative and well done.


  2. You people really are sad cases


  3. James Todd

    I can’t for the life of me understand WHY Unionists are so infuriated by Republican displays and gestures. It goes beyond simple disagreement. It’s like they feel physically threatened by the notion of Irish sovereignty.


  4. in reply to James
    They have to be right, They have to win. They have to be seen to win and be right.
    Any dissent from their point of view throws a shadow of doubt on their standpoint.
    It threatens their very identity because they cannot conceive of any alternative whatsoever.


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