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The White Glove Of Britain Shakes The Red Hand Of Ulster

British head of state meets deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness

Well an interesting day, and the deed is done, but the fallout from related events continues following on from yesterday’s peaceful protest on the Black Mountain by Republicans and the violent reaction by members of the local British Unionist community. As UTV reports:

“Nine police officers have been injured after rioting broke out in the Broadway area of west Belfast on Tuesday night

Around 100 people were involved in the disorder during which 21 petrol bombs and other missiles were thrown at the PSNI.

The officers received minor injuries.

A PSNI spokeswoman said they do not believe the disturbances were “orchestrated.”

“Localised disorder in the Broadway area last night was, police believe, local criminal elements trying to take advantage of tensions and events in the Black Mountain area to attack officers,” she said.

The area quickly returned to calm, the spokeswoman added, before going on to thank community workers for their assistance in restoring order.

The trouble came after one person was injured during disturbances at Black Mountain, also in west Belfast, earlier on Tuesday.

It is understood the incidents occurred after a large sign was erected ahead of Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Northern Ireland.

The words ‘ÉRIU IS OUR QUEEN’ were laid out in large white letters on the west Belfast hillside with an Irish flag below.

Ériu is the goddess of sovereignty in Irish mythology and it is from this word that Ireland’s name was derived.

Pat Sheehan, Sinn Féin MLA for West Belfast, said that the attack on peaceful protesters on the Black Mountain was unprovoked.

He said: “Local republicans in the Springhill area had come up with this creative way to protest against the visit by the English Queen and the protest was peaceful.

“Everyone has a right to peacefully protest.””

I’ve expressed my own view on the meeting between the British head of state and the deputy First Minister: a symbolic recognition by Britain of the legitimacy of the armed struggle against the British Occupation and an acknowledgement that the British will always capitulate and negotiate with their Irish enemies. A point that Willie “Schools for Terrorists” Frazer has just made on Sky News. And something I’m sure not lost on other interested parties.

For Italian readers can I recommend The Five Demands, an excellent up-to-the-minute website on Irish news an current affairs with many insights into Republican thinking. For Spanish readers there is El Norte de Irlanda, a similarly well-connected news and current affairs website. Both have reported on events around this story, often well ahead of the mass media in Ireland or Britain.

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