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Cork City Council Supports Same-Sex Marriage


Talking of appealing to the liberal centre-right and left, some more Varadkar-related news on the back of the passing by Cork City Council of a resolution submitted by Sinn Féin supporting legislation for same-sex marriage (as opposed to “civil partnership”) in Ireland. From the Irish Examiner:

“The vote — which occurred at the end of a long council meeting — was passed unanimously and without debate, with parties from all sides of the political divide voting in favour of the Sinn Féin motion.

The move follows a similar motion put down by Sinn Féin and passed by Belfast City Council.

Speaking after the vote, Sinn Féin Cllr Chris O’Leary said Cork showed it was sending out the right message in support of the legalisation of gay marriage.

“It was passed without a debate and in many ways that sends out the right message to people in same sex relationships, that are in love and want that to be recognised through marriage,” he said.

“The same motion was passed in Belfast and all the political parties here voted for it too.”

Cllr O’Leary said it was now time for the Government to step up to the plate and finally legislate for marriage for gay people.

Meanwhile, Leo Varadkar has given the strongest support of any Fine Gael minister to date in favour of gay marriage.

The transport minister said the Constitutional Convention would make recommendations but he would “probably vote yes” in a poll on the issue.”

Is Fine Gael ready for another socially liberal but economically conservative leader?

2 comments on “Cork City Council Supports Same-Sex Marriage

  1. Gerard O Neill

    Its seems the political correct thing for all political parties is support SAME sex marriage including sinn fein…all a bit mad when ya think of it.


    • I’m not sure about “politically correct”. Personally I believe there should be a divide between civil marriage, being legally married in the eyes of the state, and a faith or church-based marriage. They should be two entirely separate things. If Christian, Islamic or other faiths in Ireland wish to deny homosexual couples wedding services or contracts so be it. It is their religion, their services and institutions. It is up to them to decide how to live by their own rules even if wider society disapproves.

      However there is no reason why a same-sex couple, or any other couple, should not be married legally through a state ceremony, that is the same for all. Just as with our national education system, health care, etc. we should be working towards a complete separation of Church and State.


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