English: Leo Varadkar, TD
Leo Varadkar, TD. Playing the long game?

According to the Oirish Independent Fine Gael golden boy Leo Varadkar is off to improve his Irish language abilities in the Donegal Gaeltacht. Could someone be thinking about the potential appeal of a fluent Irish-speaking Fine Gael leader to all those affluent ABC1 Gaeilgeoirí and Gaelscoil yummy-mummies? Not to mention humiliating an anglophone Fianna Fáil leader during future TG4 election debates.

“TRANSPORT Minister Leo Varadkar will be using his summer holidays to brush up on his cúpla focail.

While a majority of politicians surveyed were reluctant to reveal their holiday destinations, Mr Varadkar revealed that he will be heading to the Donegal Gaeltacht in the west of the county where he will enrol on an Irish language course.”

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