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British Supremacism In Ireland

Anti-Irish extremists from the British separatist minority in Ireland parading outside a Roman Catholic Church, Belfast, Occupied North of Ireland, 2012 (Photo: The Five Demands)

The British separatist minority in Ireland doing what the British separatist minority does best: terrorising and intimidating other communities while expressing the supremacist attitudes of a colonial elite. From Chris Donnelly over on Slugger O’Toole:

“1. Loyalist bands, along with Loyal Order representatives and unionist politicians –  including First Minister Peter Robinson – release a letter to the newspapers condemning the Parades Commission for action taken following an explicitly sectarian act by a [British terrorist] UVF-aligned Loyalist band on the 12th July outside of St Patrick’s Church on Donegall Street, Belfast. The sectarian action involved stopping to play a song described as ‘racist’ by a Scottish Court and which celebrates the death of one million Irish people during the Famine.

2. Loyalists assemble and are whipped into a frenzy by the City Grand Master at Clifton Street, who rips up the Parades Commission determination before the bands proceed towards St Patrick’s Church.

3. According to numerous accounts, virtually all (if not all) of the Loyalist bands breach the Parades Commission determination by playing music outside of the church, including the Sash.

4. In addition to the music, many of the loyalist supporters have been pictured stopping directly outside of the church and waving loyalist flags, dancing with [British] Union Flag umbrellas and/or making offensive gestures to the assembled protesters.

5. Known Loyalist paramilitary leaders – and Unionist politicians – accompany the UVF-aligned Young Conway Volunteers band past St Patrick’s Church, a direct breach of the Parades Commission ruling that the band be forbidden from taking this route.

6. Nigel Dodds releases a statement condemning republicans and the Parades Commission for causing the trouble. Seriously.”

A British terrorist-supporting band from the British Unionist minority in Ireland beating anti-Irish music outside a Roman Catholic Church, Belfast, Occupied North of Ireland, 2012 (Photo: The Five Demands)

For more information read the latest report over on the Five Demands (in Italian).

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