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Is Féidir Linn – For Irish Businesses

Need proof of the positive effect the use of the Irish language will have for your business? Take this glowing review from the Motoring section of the Irish Independent newspaper:

“The Irish language is seemingly very much part of this garage as all signs were duplicated in Irish and we noted one in particular with the wording ‘Is Féidir Linn’.

The new car showroom was beautifully laid out with cars, brochure displays, customer waiting area — all the mod cons, and a lovely children’s area where Foras na Gaeilge posters were attached to the walls.

Strolling around we saw accessories and a signed Meath football jersey nicely displayed.

Another was of a local GAA team which Malones seemingly sponsor.

One advertisement feature on the wall showed the garage dating to 1927 while another had a calendar page depicting a Christmas scene from 1944.

We were met by John Malone. We told him of our requirements. He fetched a used car price list and invited us into the adjoining showroom.

Like the new car unit, the place was bright, lights were on and 20 cars were neatly displayed. Again all were priced and stickers attached to 10 windscreens highlighted the diesel models.

He offered to take it out for us to drive; we told him that time wasn’t on our side. Before we left the lovely used display facility where cars could be viewed in comfort and out of inclement weather we noticed a lovely 11 registered Yaris diesel with a tow bar attached. Seeing this as an unusual feature on a small car we said to John Malone that we thought garages usually remove such items, so questions wouldn’t be asked. “We have nothing to hide as all that car towed was a little trailer to the recycle centre,” he told us. Its owner also has a Land Cruiser to pull the big stuff. We were invited into his office where he gave us his business card and asked for our details.

Walking us out we asked about the nearby zinc and lead mine. Shaking hands and smiling he said: “It’s beneath us.” We reckon Malone’s is a bit of a mine for good cars itself.”

The prominent use of Irish will distinguish your company from its competitors, will attract and please many customers, and may well add to your profits. Údarás na Gaeltachta offers a comprehensive service for businesses operating in the Gaeltacht regions who wish to make the pain-free transition from English services to an Irish or bilingual profile (read their information brochure). Foras na Gaeilge offers similar assistance on an All-Ireland basis with a wealth of help and information available.

Am I the only one to notice the disappearance of the Irish language from some Tesco stores in Ireland? Judging by what one sees online I most certainly am not. Tesco is being talked about alright. But not in a good way. So, make your business stand out from the crowd, make it grow, and remember – is féidir linn!

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