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Tower Of Strength, The Mission

One of my favourite songs from the early 1990s is The Mission’s “Tower of Strength”, a drum and guitar heavy rock anthem from the British band that showed off Wayne Hussey’s vocal talents at their best. If not entirely typical of the group’s output it was very typical of the effect “dance music” was having on harder-edged fare during the period (compare the 1993 hit “The Witch” by the Cult, where contemporary influences are obvious). Perhaps this is not surprising given that the song was actually a 1994 remix and re-release by Hussey and the musician-producer Youth (Martin Glover) of an eight minute long original from the 1988 album “Children”. As well as the radio edit several lengthy mixes were produced, both authorised and otherwise, most of which were published in the “Tower of Strength, Limited Edition Mixes CD” (1994). One of these was the early “Bombay Mix” by Mark Stent, a variant on the original. The other was the more chilled-out “Zen Acoustic Mix” by Youth which has retained its popularity down through the years. I thought, for the night that’s in it, I’d present both below for those heading out (as in “out out!”) and those like myself staying in.

Enjoy! (And yes, I was/am a Goth – sort of…)

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