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Go-Ahead For Jewish Museum Redevelopment

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An artist’s impression of the proposed new devlopment for the Músaem Giúdach na hÉireann or Jewish Museum of Ireland

Some good news for Músaem Giúdach na hÉireann, the Jewish Museum of Ireland, which has got the green light from An Bord Pleanála to renovate its existing site in Cuan Aoibhinn (Portobello). However like local residents I do share some concerns about the architectural design and impact of the new buildings. Dublin has seen some pretty horrendous developments going up over the last decade and it would be a pity to see yet another carbuncle disfiguring the street-scape of our national capital. Perhaps the retention of the existing terrace façade would be more sympathetic to the surrounding district instead of the proposed frontage? For some reason Irish architects are obsessed with a style best described as “Tesco-lite“, in all its utilitarian horror. We can do better.

Dublin, houses, street terrace
The existing street-scape around the Músaem Giúdach na hÉireann which will likely be demolished

Talking of doing better the Comments relating to this news on some websites makes one despair for humanity.

2 comments on “Go-Ahead For Jewish Museum Redevelopment

  1. an lorcánach

    good news in many ways alright, sionnach, although having read cormac ó gráda’s book a few years ago it seems the importance of dublin’s jewish community to modern irish history will be lost in yet more (post-) Celtic tiger era (deeply flawed( architectural design (have a look at glass grotesquery opposite the ranelagh triangle – where Fine Gael had a constituency office) — – why alter the outside of the original building/terrace in rathmines? – why not a near-as-possible new building museum/annex/cultural institution on a brown-field site (rathmines has many) and invite an international competitor that celebrates Jewish-Irishness?! Seems like project will be a short-term success and will likely be redeveloped decades later when the original buildings’ integrity will have been compromised: perhaps this is a warning to what *will* happen (without sufficient protest) with moore street @

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