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Removal Of The RSS Feeds – Apologies

RSS feed diagram
RSS feeds – they look simple but…

Yes, I know, the RSS feeds to like-minded websites in Ireland, Scotland and elsewhere have been removed from An Sionnach Fionn. I’m afraid the reasons are technical, mostly to do with slower load times on my own webpages and poor SEO ranking due to the presence of multiple RSS links on ASF. So what to do? Many (many, many) readers have queried their disappearance and requested their return. I understand that they represent a convenient go-to list of news and views from the Celtic nations. So I will be providing an alternative to the RSS feeds through direct links categorised by language and country. While that carries it own issues it will keep load-times to a minimum while pleasing the web crawlers of Google and Bing. Hopefully. Your views and opinions are welcome (not to mention alternative solutions).

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