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Galloway To The Gaels – You Are A Nonpeople

George Galloway dismisses the rights of Gaelic-speaking citizens of Scotland
George Galloway dismisses the rights of Gaelic-speaking citizens of Scotland

George Galloway, the politically promiscuous left-wing face of British nationalism in Scotland, on the identity of those men, women and children in our north-eastern neighbour who speak the Scottish or Scottish Gaelic language. Yet another reason for anyone with a modicum of self-respect to vote for independence in that Gaelic nation: to escape the influence of petty demagogues who mask their narcissism behind verbose claims of liberalism.

George Galloway, a clockwork politician
George Galloway, a clockwork politician

9 comments on “Galloway To The Gaels – You Are A Nonpeople

  1. sharon douglas

    Ah,go on Seamas. Tell us what you really think of him. LOL


  2. ‘Galloway!’ -his name has a gaelic origin ,is he not aware of that?. He really is the ultimate ‘scottish cringe’ lickspittle, this preposterous eejit of a man!


  3. He sounds like a real charmer.


    • A sympathetic voice for Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad in times past, kicked from party to party, constituency to constituency, he eventually stood for election in an urban area with a significant if diverse Moslem population, boosted by an “ethnic” vote much to the embarrassment of liberal Britain. He is close to conservative Islamic community leaders despite his love of wine, women and song. A paradoxical creature. A cigar-chomping radical left-wing anti-establishment socialist who finds no incongruity in presenting TV shows for Iranian-backed Press TV, Al Mayadeen and Putin’s Russia Today.

      He is fiercely intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable, and a charmer when he wants to be. The ultimate career politician. But he is also blinded by his failings. And they are many.

      A good example of him in style, at the US Congress.


  4. Don’t want to piss in anyone’s soup, but everything he said is in fact correct. But, yeah, let’s run a militant campaign against the facts, that’ll definitely work.


    • @Callum,

      Is it correct for a well-known Scottish-born politician to subject speakers of Scottish Gaelic to public ridicule or linguistic and cultural denigration? To describe their language and identity as “obscurantism”? To place them at the bottom of some populist linguistic ladder where the English language is seen as being pre-eminent above all others? Would Gorgeous George apply such attitudes to minority peoples elsewhere in the world? As with too many on the Far Left faraway hills – and struggles – are always greener.

      Facts, as well as being open to interpretation, are also subject to change. Fact: consistent polling tells us that a majority of people in Scotland oppose outright independence. Fact: thousands of Scots are campaigning in ways big and small to change that.

      Just because something is one way now doesn’t mean it cannot be a different way in the future (as it was in the past). Campaigns of all sorts are frequently drivers of change. They do work 😉


      • He has said this many times before, here is a youtube video where he goes into even more detail about it;

        I know it may not be easy listening for you, which is a bit strange considering you are Irish and that this is about Scotland – which is a completely different nation to your own.

        But George is largely right whether people choose to let their emotions get the better of them or not and try to challenge his assertions, most Scots do not give a damn about the same things that the more Socialist/Commie minded Irish do.

        Irish pride is mainly centered on being proud of a 19th century creation and identity that was written about mythical things about some ‘golden age of Irish achievement’, if it ever existed. And talking about the distant past, a past filled with Irish romantic notions.

        Scottish pride is centered on being more forward orientated rather than backward, the Scots pride is and has always been centered on things like Scottish ingenuity, Scottish achievement, Scottish discoveries and Scottish invention, plus remaining unconquered (unlike some other nation), and most of these Scottish things were things they achieved in their empire, things like this – when they turned their ‘personal union’ with England from 1603 into a ‘political union’ in 1707.

        So as you can see, Scottish values of thrift, prudence, perfectionism and self-reliance and of course ‘pride’ – is very different from Ireland’s values of pride, they are very different, right down to their values.

        When it comes to ‘Gaelic’, that has become too associated with Ireland to the point that everyone thinks it is an Irish language and therefore wants nothing to do with it, this is why it is such an extreme minority language compared to Scotland’s other, and more accepted language – Scots.

        That’s just the way it is, you can’t force people to want something if they don’t want it, that’s totalitarian and Socio-Commie like – which would anger the Scots particularly, seeing as it was the Scots who put Capitalism on the map, which is synonymous with Libertarianism in it’s value system. This why the Scots are very individualist, and not Commie-like as the Irish in terms of thinking, which affects national character of the said nation.

        Hopefully you can get a better insight of the Scottish psych from this, and see how it is very very different from Ireland’s in too many ways to list, what appeals and interests the Irish does not interest the Scots much or in the same way.


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