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The Ireland Inspires Video Gets A Response

An answer to the “Ireland Inspires” promotional video released by the Irish tourism authority, Fáilte Ireland, from students in Galway.

4 comments on “The Ireland Inspires Video Gets A Response

  1. And it’s still a lot better place to live in than Eastern Europe.
    Try living on 320 EUR/month – that’s how much minimum wage earners earn BEFORE taxes in Latvia.


    • I’m not saying you’re wrong, but to even begin to make a fair comparision you need to include things like the relative cost of food and housing, transport etc. Also how are the taxes used? High taxes can be justified if they’re actually spent on things that benefit the population at large, not just the capital city, or perks for the already rich. Also just basic supply and demand. I can’t believe that land and houses are very expensive in eastern europe, many areas look underpopulated with abandoned/empty property, and there are probably nothing like the strict planning (zoneing) laws that exist (and are enforced!) in the UK (and Ireland??)


      • My disposable income is a lot higher now than it was when I lived in Latvia.
        I can afford EVERYTHING I need (That was not always the case in Latvia) and I also send money to my parents occasionally.

        The only thing that is more expensive in Dublin is rent which is ~2x higher than in Rīga.

        I can’t believe that land and houses are very expensive in eastern europe, many areas look underpopulated with abandoned/empty property
        Of course you can buy land dirt cheap in the middle of nowhere.
        Only – what are you going to do there?
        Live like in middle ages?
        No job, no infrastructure – nothing – that’s not the kind of lifestyle an average person wants.


        • All I’d want would be an internet link for information and entertainment (and employment?) Sorry, I don’t remember which of the Baltic states is famous for having massive broadband coverage. Oh and a reasonably reliable postal service, but I don’t think your post workers steal all the parcels these days like the did when the USSR had just collapsed. If you want company take your friends/relatives with you. I agree that it’s maybe not what most people would ideally want, but it’s the ultimate fallback. As long as that option exists there’s a limit to how much you can be bullied and exploited by employers, landlords, the state … You’ve no doubt bought into the idea that you can get rich, but you can never get really rich (unless you’re very lucky, know the right people etc.) and all the time you’re working you’re making others, employers, investors, i.e. people who are allready better off than you on the whole, even richer. So there’s the paradox, the harder you work, the more you contribute to overall inequality and the perpetuation of the status quo.


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