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The Morning After Poll

I did it – but I don’t feel right about it…

The headline figures from the RTÉ exit poll have been published and they are showing a huge jump in support for the Independents and smaller parties who contested the local and European elections. Sinn Féin has polled well but not as well as expected (should have been closer to 20% given the circumstances, though I suppose one must factor in the collective anti-SF campaign by the national news media as well as recent controversies). The Greens are back (sort of. Have they now be rehabilitated?). Fine Gael did ok but slightly more was expected of them. Fianna Fáil will be quietly pleased (essentially neck-and-neck with FG). The Labour Party has received its expected hammering – but it could have been much worse.

RTÉ exit poll, local election,

28%: Others/Independents

24%: Fine Gael

22%: Fianna Fáil

16%: Sinn Féin

7%: Labour Party

3%: Green Party


RTÉ exit poll, European election,

27%: Others/Independents

22%: Fine Gael

22%: Fianna Fáil

17%: Sinn Féin

6%: Green Party

6%: Labour Party

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