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The Axis Of British Fundamentalism

"Belfast Fianna Fáil wish all members of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland a happy 12th of July"
A British military-style band affiliated with the Orange Lodge marches through Belfast on July 12th
A British military-style band affiliated with the Orange Lodge marches through Belfast on July 12th

Recently the British journalist Colin Freeman while reporting on the crisis in Iraq for the Daily Telegraph, the establishment newspaper in Britain, made this observation on the reconstituted Shia militias now making their muscular presence felt in the Sunni districts of Baghdad:

“Waving rocket-propelled grenades and Kalashnikovs, the convoy of Shia militiamen rolled down the Baghdad street, a 30-vehicle column of vans, pick-ups and battered saloon cars.

Above the roar of their combined engines, they chanted how they were now crushing the “terrorists” of Isis, the Sunni extremists who have seized much of northern Iraq.

Their message is unspoken, but as loud and clear as the chants – any Sunni who is thinking of supporting Isis can expect Shia gunmen at his door.

“Ever since last week, not a day has gone past without them coming down the street, shouting and yelling and waving rifles and pistols,” said Imad Ahmed, a shopkeeper in the Sunni district of Adel in west Baghdad.

“They say they will crush the Isis terrorists and anyone who stands in the way of the Shia, but these guys are nowhere near the frontline. This is just designed to intimidate us.”

Rather like Belfast’s Orange parades, the militiamen have no compunction about driving through neighbourhoods already stained by past sectarian bloodshed.”

There is of course no comparison with what is happening in the Middle East. None whatsoever...
There is of course no comparison with what is happening in the Middle East. None whatsoever…

Apparently the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, an avowedly anti-Catholic and anti-Irish grouping with well documented links by individual members to the British terror factions, objects to this comparison by a representative of the international press. So they have lodged a complaint with the newspaper regulator in Britain. As the veteran British journalist and editor Roy Greenslade rightly points out:

“The complaint is wholly without merit.

Freeman’s analogy was merited because that’s what the Orange institution does and, if not prevented by the Parades Commission, would seek to do more often.

It is an avowedly anti-Catholic organisation that exacerbates tensions by marching through areas in Northern Ireland in which Catholics live.”


5 comments on “The Axis Of British Fundamentalism

  1. NMunsterman

    When the English “Daily Telegraph” is hanging the Orange Order out to dry, the game is well and truly up.


  2. I don’t think there are many Brits who identify with this kind of stuff. It is a feature of the planted populations with little or no cultural support in their GB ‘motherland’. Irish emigration to Britain has made the ‘balance’ swing the other way, but it is politically under-exploited. Like I said before, many Brits seem to be near on 1/3 Irish.


    • True, contemporary British people are largely free of this, at least at a conscious and militant level. However the “culture” of the Unionist community in the north-east is derived from Britain and many to that country for their identity. The constant feature of British popular culture, the “Troubles” are nothing to do with us, they are exclusively “Irish”, an “Irish problem”, is something I always challenge where possible.

      It is not Britain’s “Irish troubles”. It is Ireland’s “British troubles” 😉


      • The way I see it, the Unionists have come to this:

        “…Preabann anuas go fuadrach fíochmar
        Seanduine suarach is fuadach nimhe faoi,
        A bhaill ar luascadh is luas anáile air,
        Draighean is duais ar fud a chnámha.
        Ba dhearóil an radharc go deimhin don chúirt é
        Ar bord ina thaibhse im éisteacht dúirt sé:—
        Dochair is díobháil is síorchrá cléibhe ort
        A thoice le místaid, a shíol gábha is déirce,
        Is dóigh nach iontas laigeacht na gréine
        Is fós gach tubaist dar imigh ar Éire,
        Mar mheath gach ceart gan reacht gan dlí againn,
        Ár mba bhí bleacht gan lacht gan laonna acu,
        Is dá dtagadh níos mó de mhórscrios tíortha
        Is gach faisean dá nuacht ar Mhóir is ar Shíle…”



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