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John Prescott, A Metaphor For Failed Britain

Scotland, England, Wales
John Prescott, former deputy prime minister of Britain, debates his policies with one of his many, many critics, 2001

As the referendum campaign on Scottish independence enters its closing days Lord John Prescott, the former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, holder of half-a-dozen senior cabinet posts and deputy leader of the British Labour Party, visited Scotland to drum up support for the Unionist cause. On the back of his hand was written the words “Better Together”, the official title of the anti-sovereignty “No” grouping; on a slip of paper was scribbled the sentence ““I’m Welsh, northern, Yorks. as well as British”: and his most noteworthy contribution to the constitutional debate was a demand that the separate English and Scottish soccer teams be replaced with an all-British one. Such is the knowledge and understanding of Greater England’s political elites for those with whom they share the island of Britain.

Would the people of Scotland really vote for the continued rule of such knaves and jesters?

10 comments on “John Prescott, A Metaphor For Failed Britain

  1. Great minds think alike Seamas!! I’ve just blogged the same video – Well done that young man on the bike with his loudspeaker!!!

    • Hah, it’s been one of those days, social media are jumping with great articles and news out of Scotland. Fingers crossed the Scots sieze the opportunity for full nationhood 🙂

  2. Congrats to that patriot Scot with the loudspeaker! He had the great good sense to use humor.

  3. That video is brilliant 😀

    • Genius! I would loved to have seen a Darth Vader and a few Imperial Stormtroopers thrown into the mix. This may well become a contagious form of protest in the campaign.

  4. Still remember the egg throwing incident puts the noonan pie incident to shame lol

  5. They’re discovering new and bizarre dinosaurs almost every week it seems …

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