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Lies, Damned Lies, And The British News Media

Alex Salmond (Íomhá: The Guardian)

Early yesterday morning Scotland’s first minister, Alex Salmond, held a lengthy Q&A with the Scottish, British and international news media in Edinburgh. It was one of his better performances in the referendum campaign, despite the overt animosity of the visiting contingent of London reporters. So given the comprehensive nature of the event it is quite extraordinary to see how supposedly non-partisan journalists from the major news groups in Britain have misrepresented and in some cases simply falsified their accounts of what happened. Watch the two video clips below for a stark example of Scottish reality versus British propagandizing, the first a live recording of one particular encounter during the event, the second a heavily edited description of it. Something is truly rotten in Britain’s media elites.

5 comments on “Lies, Damned Lies, And The British News Media

  1. It will all come out in the enquiry … trouble is that will be long after the vote has been taken. Where is the Electoral Commission who are supposed to be refereeing this? Don’t we get the equivalent of a penalty every time the other side does a foul? Maybe add a few points to the outcome?


    • The BBC seems to have circled the wagons with the rest of the metropolitan media riding shotgun.


      • A large but good natured crowd held a party/demo outside the BBC HQ in Glasgow, lots of flags, singers etc. Later reported by the BBC as something close to a riot, fortunately there are lots of pics and vids on social media where you can see there was no violence or any real threat to anyone. Quite large gatherings in several Scottish cities over the w/e, not quite up to Barcelona standards, but getting close. Totally amazing for dour Scotland 🙂


        • Yes, I saw some of the reports. The BBC seems – looking in as an outsider – to have damaged its credibility considerably over the last few months. Will Salmond demand a new broadcasting arrangement in the coming decade even if the vote is “No”? A more independent BBC Scotland or a new SBC part-paid by the licence fee?


  2. Some people who were against the breakup of the USSR now support the Yes campaign – bizzare.


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