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Nazi-Saluting British Thugs Take To Streets Of Glasgow

British soldiers in Afghanistan give the Neo-Nazi-Red-Hand salute of the British terror factions in Ireland

Nazi-saluting British unionist and nationalist “No” supporters staging a rally in Glasgow this evening. Reports of violence and arrests already as “Yes” voters warned to stay away. The reality of Scotland rejecting Independence?

2 comments on “Nazi-Saluting British Thugs Take To Streets Of Glasgow

  1. Well as far as I know, the Unionists were the last remnant of a ‘flegs’ protest, trying to get the Council to fly the Union flag alongside the saltire on the city hall, although the pics I’ve seen shown them at the opposite end of George Square. Apparent their protest has been going on for ages and was originally much bigger and had got down to a few sad individuals. The Scots find this rather embarrassing on the whole and simply ignore them. Unfortunately this is the main city centre square used for events, gatherings, political meetings etc. So that was naturally where Yes supporters gathered hoping to celebrate the outcome of the referendum, and tonight I believe to protest its failure. I don’t know what if anything happened tonight, but everyone is feeling very raw emotionally, having had their hopes raised and then dashed. So if the Unionist idiots were still around there would likely be trouble. Note the official No campaign (backed by the UK government) wanted nothing at all to do with the flegs guys, the OO and so on.


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