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The Night Of The Union Jacks

3 comments on “The Night Of The Union Jacks

  1. Be careful here – foreign powers might be trying to spin this in their favour… The vote was nothing to do with ‘Nazis’ and when you see ‘Nazis’ you soon realise that there might be a foreign power trying to put a rather nasty spin on things…


  2. Yep, this is just the Scottish branch of NI Unionist idiocy gloating over the loss of a referendum which could have spelled the end of the Union, and hence of their fetish union jack. The people who voted it down 55% would have included very few hard-line Unionists. Mostly they were just folks who had been confused, intimidated and threatened by government propaganda, or generally older people who still thought the Union was a Good Thing for Scotland. The only time you saw No supporters in groups they seem to have been Labour Party supporters bussed in for photo calls etc. They seem to have had little real motivation of their own. Hence the surprise when the vote was lost, as despite the polls the folks on the ground, going around the houses etc. got the impression that they’d win and it was just a question of by how much. Now we’re well and truly stuffed, even myself following online from outside Scotland got hit by the emotion. It feels exactly like I’ve been kicked in the stomach. Everyone in tears etc. Trying to come to terms. Makes me wonder if it was all orchestrated as some fiendish psych-op to break the Independence movement. Well just because you’re paranoid … I feel like shit so I dread to imagine what it’s like for those who’ve given it their all for the past couple of years.

    Well at least there’s no tanks in the square this time …


  3. Or these folks are just holding an honest, unapologetic celebration of the real legacy of all things “British”


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