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From Armchair Revolutionary To Armchair Reactionary

Ed Harris as King William in Knightriders, George A. Romero's 1981 cult B-movie
This is Ed Harris not Eoghan. However one suspects that this is how the bold Eoghan envisions himself: a modern knight errant in a world beset by knaves. A harmless delusion. One would think…

Continuing the controversy surrounding the legal tussles over the “bog-standard” mansion of Gorse Hill, situated in the exclusive Dublin suburb of Killiney, comes this specious defence of the denizens of the Golden Circle by former poacher-turned-gamekeeper Eoghan Harris, featured in today’s Sunday Independent:

“Let me start by saying there is no love lost between me and the metropolitan media in mob mode.

But it is never so mobby and modish as when it is whipped into a blind frenzy by Vincent Browne, told that some bee in his bonnet is actually a major story, and summoned to follow him while he postures like Liberty storming the barricades.

But at Gorse Hill he acted more like the Grand Old Duke of York, leading the media pack through the gates and up the hill and back down, without achieving anything.

Along the way, we saw stunning sea views, a cheaply painted boring house, a standard swimming pool and a seedy stone lion.

This vulgar display excited Browne and his followers to a mixture of envy and excitative terror.

…we were told the O’Donnells’ boxy house with a tacky swimming pool and a few licheny lions was “lavish”, “luxurious” and “palatial”.

Some journalists should get out more. Or look up their own property pages. That area is packed with many more attractive houses than Gorse Hill.”

I’ll accept Harris’ aesthetic evaluation since he is more familiar with the nouveau riche lifestyles of the latter-day Dublin ascendancy than I am. However the bold Eoghan, who often decries “personalized attacks” on his person by his many, many critics, soon proves himself not above the vindictively personal when the ideological war-horns come a-calling:

“Naturally, the Browne-bewitched hacks did not point out that one of the most attractive is Browne’s old house Atlanta, at Coliemore Road.

Or that he sold his old home to pay debts incurred by Village magazine, which some might see as a vanity project.”

Say’s Narcissus throwing stones from his glasshouse…

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