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Al Jadeed, Rima Karaki And Running The Show

Rima Karaki

Al Jadeed or الجديد‎ is a 24-hour news and current affairs television station based in the Lebanon and broadcasting across the Arab world. During a recent interview between popular presenter Rima Karaki and the London-based Islamist scholar Sheikh Hani Al-Siba’i things became somewhat heated. It is a useful reminder that there are numerous regional and national differences in the societies and cultures of the Middle East that go far beyond the crude stereotypes favoured by some in the Western media.


11 comments on “Al Jadeed, Rima Karaki And Running The Show

  1. Robert Tyler

    Did you view some of the following clips?

  2. john cronin

    The thing that concerns me most is that he’s living in London: or Londonistan as we call it these days. And probably fathering 14 future suicide bombers by three different wives, while claiming whitey’s dole money.

  3. I’m not sure it’s altogether wise to rely on MEMRI TV for a nuanced view of the Middle East and its media. They seem to me to lend themselves oh so easily to Islamophobic sensationalism about these parts of the world. Maybe less so in this clip but more often in the general tropes they plug continually in their edited excerpts.

    • john cronin

      I can’t remember who it was that said if you’re not an islamophobe, you’re not paying attention. A phobia is defined as an irrational fear. Fear of Islam is entirely rational as far as I can see.

    • Fair point, acutia. Their clip of the confrontation was the most ready available which is why I used it. We tend to forget in the “West” (or never knew) the cosmopolitan bones of places like the Lebanon, at least until the civil war and Israeli invasions. That legacy is still there albeit badly corroded by the dreadful events of the last few decades. Beirut in the 1960s was apparently the place to be 😉

      • john cronin

        Rotherham has about 280,000 inhabitants – or so I am told – with the exception of once driving a truck there I have never had the misfortune to visit the place – of whom about 10% are Moslems – which means 28,000 – which means 14,000 Moslems of the male persuasion, which means about 7000 -8000 healthy adult males of kiddie raping age. Over the last fifteen years, they appear to have raped about 1400 adolescent white girls.

        Now you don’t need a PHD in statistics to realise that this sort of behaviour is not some sort of aberration here but a cultural norm – exactly the same patterns of behaviour have occurred in Rochdale, Brum, Leeds, Bradford – you name it. This activity has been assiduously covered up by the meeja, and any cop or social worker who actually blew any whistles lost their jobs.

        Peter Fahy (good Irish name) the Chief Plod of Manchester bleated summat on the radio the other day about “preserving community cohesion” – translation from liberalese: “If we actually have the bad manners to mention this, we risk an uprising among the white working class so we will continue to pretend it is not happening”

        The EDL came into being for a reason.

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