From France 24, the story of Haya El Ali, a young Syrian woman who befriended female members of the Islamic State in her hometown of Raqqa. Using a camera hidden in her purse she filmed events in the city until she fell under the suspicion of the IS authorities and was forced to flee into exile in France.

2 comments on “La Rebelle De Raqqa

  1. great find Séamas – apart from the brutality of the Isis regime etc the eternal theme of exile is explored very sensitively


  2. I have serious misgivings about this ISIS caper and have voiced them before on here. We are continuing to hear reports of NATO ‘accidentally’ dropping supplies into their lap etc. Now we hear they are attacking refugees in Syria. Added to the fact that these refugees are Palestinians! And yet people still believe this outfit is the genuine article, ie out to overtake the world lol?
    It wouldn’t surprise me if this outfit is a CIA,Mossad and Saudi run terror gang. Engineering strife in the Mideast to maintain instability etc. It wouldn’t be the first time the west has created terror groups to pursue a certain policy. Maybe those discredited jihadi John beheadings are an attempt to distract people from looking at the real picture? Who benefits?


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