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Vote For An Sionnach Fionn In The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

Another year, another nomination to the Blog Awards Ireland competition. This is the third time in a row for An Sionnach Fionn, though with no political or news categories this year, the site has been added to the Best Blog Post contest for the article, “The Battle of Pettigo and Belleek, May To June 1922“, published on the ninety-third anniversary of the original confrontation. The competition is open to a public vote, as well as peer judging, so if you have a spare ten seconds to support the nominated article by following this link here, or by clicking the image below, you get the opportunity to stick it to the man. Dude! 😉

Vote For An Sionnach Fionn Blog Awards Ireland 2015
Vote for An Sionnach Fionn in the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 by clicking the image above

And by way of reward for your efforts in voting ASF, here is an early 1980s’ funktastic classic from Gary Byrd and the GB Experience, featuring Byrd, Stevie Wonder and Crystal Blake on vocals. Plug in your earphones, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

3 comments on “Vote For An Sionnach Fionn In The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

  1. Reblogged this on Na trioblóidí and commented:
    Another of my favourites, best political blog.


  2. The dude just got it stuck to him, Man!
    Just voted for ASF – hope you do as well as you should.


  3. eileen healy

    The lúidín on the moving statue just thawed out and pressed the correct button Bon chance !


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