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CNN GOP Debate 2015

If the Fox News debate amongst the presidential candidates for the Republican Party was a pantomime of the absurd the marathon event organised by CNN was a gladiatorial contest of the power-hungry. By bending and twisting their own rules the folks in Atlanta managed to get Carly Fiorina, the sole woman candidate, onto the otherwise ten-man stage, which certainly livened things up. However if the television viewers in the US were expecting to see a discussion of substantive issues between the White House hopefuls they will have been disappointed once again. The phrase, “…full of sound and fury, signifying nothing“, springs to mind. The only thing of real interest to have emerged from the “show” was the hounding of ego-centrist Donald Trump by the other GOP wannabes, including a more aggressive Jeb Bush. However one suspects that this pack-attack will have simply enhanced the millionaire’s stature as the prime runner in the overall contest. HP’s one-time executive, Carly Fiorina, has been given something of a free-ride by the news media in recent months, even by those on the left, largely escaping the opprobrium heaped upon the other Republican candidates. However her performance on the CNN stage certainly showed her hard-right colours in a true light.

Finally, in an off-the-cuff reply to a less than serious question, Jeb Bush suggested that the controversial former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, could be the future “face” of the ten dollar note in the United States. Which would make for some very expensive foreign toilet paper for people in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the north of England, South Africa, and so on.

Watch the debate below, from YouTube, before the CNN copyright hunters catch up with it.

2 comments on “CNN GOP Debate 2015

  1. ar an sliabh

    This cabinet of Dr. Caligari is such a joke! There is no way even Americans can hit the pipe hard enough to elect any of that rabble. Ms Fiorina along with her cohort, Ms. Whitman are prime examples of folks bolstering their pockets by outsourcing to foreign-country slave labour. Ruthless, soul-less, pundits all.


  2. I would definitely spend the money for Margaret Thatcher toilet paper.


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