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Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride

A quick thank you to everyone who supported or voted for An Sionnach Fionn in the Blog Awards Ireland competition for 2015. I was nominated in the category for Best Blog Post with my examination of the now largely forgotten Battle of Pettigo and Belleek in the summer of 1922 but was unaware that the results of the contest had been announced last Thursday (I really should pay more attention to these things!). The winner in the best post category turned out to be a short yes-supporting opinion piece on the marriage equality referendum by Anne Marie O’Connor, veteran journalist and daughter of the late Labour Party politician, Eddie O’Connor. Given the subject matter and the year that’s in it I think it was a fair choice. The runner-up was a feel-good Buzzfeed-style listicle on the joys of solo travelling by the journalist Janet Newenham, which was interesting too.

Hopefully next year the Blog Awards will restore their politics and current affairs sections, dropped by the new organisers of the competition in favour of less controversial or more saccharine subjects. In previous years a number of genuine bloggers working outside the media fraternity were nominated to the Awards and it would be good to see them back in the running. As for myself, three years of nominations for my anti-establishment gadflying with nary an award in sight. So I must be doing something right 😉

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  1. Definitely doing something right, and doing it well. Meticulous research, excellent writing, fearless Fenian.

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  2. I’ve always enjoyed and admired your blog; a fine example of what a blog should be.
    Sadly, from my experience as a voluntary judge in some of these blog awards; many nominated blogs suspiciously have no post likes or interactions between the blogger and the reader in the comments section!

    An Sionnach Fionn, an ‘blog’ is fearr, go raibh maith agat.


    • GRMA, a Shíle. I noticed myself that lot of the blogs in the running were four or five post affairs over a year, with little interaction beyond that. I assumed that regularity and quality of positing would count – apparently not. Interesting the way previous nominees to the blog awards have been “subsumed” into the mainstream media, albeit as bit-players, their own blogs suffering consequently through neglect. I suspect for some folk a blog is a means to an end. Personally I have no desire to appear as a guest on the morning couch of TV3! 😉

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  3. Graham Ennis

    Absolutely You are doing something right, and especially as it is nearly always about someone doing something wrong, in the poor benighted Republic of Greenness, long may you continue.


  4. Surely the great advantage of the internet over conventional media is it’s diversity, many-to-many communication. Each blog has it’s own particular audience which through allowing comments can become a community/conversation.

    I’m not sure therefore what winning a ‘one-size-fits-all’ contest would actually prove. So long as you feel moved to write, that is you have something you need to say, and so long as there are folk out there interested enough to read it, then you’re a success.

    I suppose for political effect a huge audience might be required, but I’m not even sure of that now that I think about it. If a problem is important enough then in all likelihood different bloggers will be chipping away at it, each from their own particular viewpoint, and each directed at their own specific audience. So hopefully the effect should be cumulative. And in any case re-blogging allows well-written and effective pieces to be ‘passed around’.

    All the same, congratulations, you deserve your nominations.

    PS I really really do hope that’s not you in the picture, but honestly I’d rather never know.


    • Ah yeah, I agree. One doesn’t do it for the recognition, and I never take award thingies too seriously. Aside from anything else, such things are largely PR-friendly, about promoting some company or product. Controversy, which ASF has by the bucketful in some eyes, is anathema to all that (though I’m no Wings Over Scotland – thank god given recent events!).

      Ah, go on. You do want to know! 😀


  5. Lord of Mirkwood

    You have an excellent blog, An Sionnach Fionn. Yours was exactly the site I was looking for – I’m afraid that many Americans, even the Irish ones of us, aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in our old homeland. The attention of many anti-racists in the United States has gone to dealing with black and Hispanic issues, the assumption generally being that since the Troubles are technically over, everything’s wine and roses in the Six Counties. A load of bilge.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Tiocfaidh ár lá!


  6. ar an sliabh

    Glad I found your blog – found it researching ancient history (Aos Sí agus tuatha dé danann). Helped this (albeit part-time) re-patriate figure out the finer parts of the oh so very much different homeland from 35 years ago. You know what they say when you can’t beat them…it’s time to get a bigger bat.


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