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Fianna Fáil’s New Slogan: Screw Our Republican Dead

With the general election just weeks away, and with all the polls pointing to a minority, Fine Gael-led government of the centre-right, Fianna Fáil leader, Micheál Martin, is keeping all his options open. From

“In a robust interview with Cathal Mac Coille on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland today, Martin refused to rule out supporting a minority Fine Gael government.

Martin was asked repeatedly and wouldn’t say either way.

“Mac Coille: Would you be prepared to consider, in the national interest, supporting a minority Fine Gael government?

Martin: We don’t want to be in a minority situation. 

Mac Coille I’m not asking you that.

Martin: Yea, but I’m not going to concede that at this stage. Sorry, we will work in the national interest irrespective of our strength.

Mac Coille: Translate that for us. Would you consider….

Martin: I will translate that if you give me a chance. Irrespective of whether we’re the lead party, and we want to be the lead party. The national interest demands a fairer and more decent society.”

After some more back and forth, Martin was asked a direct ‘yes or no’ about whether he’d support a minority Fine Gael government.

Martin: I’m not going down that route now because I want to be leading a party that’s a majority.”

Though a coalition administration of FG and Labour with various Blue Shirt and Champagne Socialist “splitters”, propped up by Martin’s Former Republican Party, would be ruinous, at least it would put clear electoral space between the politics of right and left in Ireland. If FF is so lustful for power and respectability that they are prepared to cosy up to the political descendants of the people who put their political antecedents in front of firing squads who are we to gainsay them? Fine Fáil it is!

Fianna Fáil will be developing some serious historical amnesia in the very near future! The 1922 execution of Rory O’Connor, Irish Republican Army, by an Irish National Army firing squad during the counter-revolutionary Civil War (a contemporary propaganda re-enactment of the murder by the Provisionals’ military wing, the INA)

5 comments on “Fianna Fáil’s New Slogan: Screw Our Republican Dead

  1. But wouldn’t that be a good thing if this party could let something that happened 100 years ago go and think about the future instead?

    There isn’t much difference between FG and FF anyway. And it’s very unlikely that Enda Kenny would organise firing squads today in order to eliminate his political opponents. I know that you hate him, but he’s no Stalin 😀


    • It would from my point of view, a clear separation of Right and left. However I come from an old, left-wing Fianna Fáil family and the animosity between FF and FG of that “tradition” is very deep indeed. My grandparents would literally think in that manner – these are the guys who murdered our parents and grandparents, as it were. It doesn’t mean that they would wish ill or violence against FG folk, just that there is a distinction between both, however tenuous that may now be. It’s hard to explain unless you are born into it.


  2. Fianna Fáil screwed the Republican dead when they accepted the Free State parliament set up by Cumann na nGaedheal which men Republicans died opposing. Having joined the counter state they started to execute Irish Republicans themselves proving they were every bit as bad as the counter revolutionaries of 1922/23.


  3. nikolas kaugon

    being canadian, and barely gaelteacht(north nova scotia–where the last fluent native lochaber dialect speaker died about ten years ago), i am not up on irish politics. is sein fein running candidates in the south?

    in my lat visit to ireland about five years ago i thought young people were now heavily anglo-philes, and of course most irish recently came to canada seem to be. it appears the revolution is over. the only people i meet here who still dream of a united ireland are over fifty. has it all been forgotten?


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