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The Labour Party Suggests Free Hugs For Narco-Terrorists

If one needed an example of leadership in Ireland, an illustration of the competency and acumen of our political classes, and how they view the role of government, the Labour Party steps up to the plate with this plan of action to tackle and defeat the growing scourge of gangland crime in the country. From an article in yesterday’s Irish Times:

“The Labour Party has said Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin should be brought in to act as a mediator between “mafia-type gangsters” following the latest shooting in the capital.”

Yes, that’s right, we should bring in religious figures to negotiate a truce between the warring tinpot godfathers of Dublin and the Costa del Crime to facilitate a speedy return to doing what they do best: selling dugs and buying off the institutions of the state. Incredibly the earthly representatives of the Great Sky Pixie have more common sense than the entirety of the Labour organisation.

“However, Dr Martin told The Irish Times he does not believe he should become involved in mediation between criminals.

“These are turf wars about pumping drugs into our children,” he said.

“The danger of negotiating with them is to give them status. They are criminals. The only thing to be negotiated is when they put down their weapons,” he said

Dr Martin said people should co-operate with the gardaí…”

Here’s a novel idea for the Labour apparatchiks, or whatever rump of them are back in power following the general election. Why don’t you exercise as much time and effort in the defeat of the mafia-gangs preying on our society as you exercised in the imposition of property taxes and water charges on a resistant population? Four million people you can legislate, penalise and vilify into submission but two hundred gangsters utterly confound you?

Meanwhile, talking of the end of civilization as we know it, the Garda Representatives Association (GRA) speaking to RTÉ:

“”Now we’re also looking for the immediate reintroduction of the MP7 sub machine gun for the DDU and return of the Uzi sub machine gun on, until the the MP7 is introduced, that was taken away in 2012, that hasn’t been replaced. The MP7 gives better protection and accuracy for the members using them.””

Yes, it’s the Vietnamization of Irish policing: let’s save the village by burning the village!

Visit Ireland. It's like Mexico but with rain!
Visit Ireland. It’s like Mexico but with rain!


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