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Islamic State To Attack Britain Through Conquest Of Ireland

From my regular series on stupid people commenting on Irish affairs, this contribution from something called the “Center for Security Policy”, a right-wing lobby group in the United States, displays not just an unfamiliarity with Ireland but with grammar, spelling and sentence structure too.

“United Kingdom (U.K.) security forces are concerned that Northern Ireland could become a ‘back door’ for Islamic State (IS) terror attacks directed at the U.K. Northern Ireland’s long history of conflict with the Republic of Ireland (Southern Ireland) towards British rule and long war with the Irish Republic Army (IRA) may give IS not just a logistical base but also a support system to strike at the U.K.

Social unrest and violence plagued Northern Ireland from 1968-1998 as the pro-British Royal Ulster Constalbury (RUC) and British Army clashed with Irish loyalists known as the Irish Republic Army (IRA).

As late as 2012 a report by the Belfast Telegraph indicated that the Police Services of Northern Ireland (PSNI) faced “No-Go Zones” including the Short Strand section of Belfast…

The Irish Times reported, The Gardai or Guard of the Police Force of Ireland, which serve the Republic of Ireland admitted their first line response teams lacks training and experience in responding appropriately to a terrorist attack.

David McNarry, the leader of United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), expressed concern earlier in the year that IS members could work with IRA loyalists or former members.

The Islamic State publication Black Flags over Rome discusses operations in Europe, including the possibility of forging cooperation with “left wing” activists. While Black Flags does reference the history of Britain’s campaign against the IRA, it does not explicitly call for allying with the group.

Ireland has been noted as home to jihadist sentiments…

Ireland has been home to some of the most important European Islamist networks…

Ireland’s tolerance of Islamist networks is bearing poisonous fruit, and Ireland has already contributes seven times as many jihadist foreign fighters, per capita, as the United States.”

In fairness we have plenty of home-grown idiots as well, but seriously…

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  2. Eileen Healy

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  3. What the poor Bwits need is a Donald Trump character who’ll build a wall and get the Irish to pay for it 🙂


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