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Renua – The Independent News And Media Party

Here we go again! Ireland’s right-wing media cartel, Independent News and Media, is beating the drums for its pet cause with renewed vigour: the establishment of a libertarian party, socially liberal, economically conservative, to act as a political proxy for the Randinistas on Talbot Street. From the belly of the beast:

“Renua Ireland is to undergo a radical rebrand as part of a move to reposition the party on the political spectrum after Lucinda Creighton stepped down as leader.

The Sunday Independent has learned the party will drop the word ‘Ireland’ from its name and become known as Renua – The Liberal Democrat Party.

There is also a push from within the senior ranks of Renua to “shake off” all associations of being an orthodox or conservative Catholic political organisation.

Members blamed a lack of internal communication, flawed candidate selection and failure to explain Renua’s flat tax proposal to the public for the election wipe out.

Overall, members said the party lacked a clear identity and came across as elitist to the public.

There were also complaints that the party was unfairly associated with the pro-life lobby group and seen as anti-public sector workers.”

Unfairly associated? There was nothing unfair about it. As for the flat tax, the voters recognised fiscal illiteracy when they saw it, even if Renua did not, and cried as one: feck off out of it!

Speaking of the concerns of the 1%, here is another report from the Irish Independent:

“A private school on Dublin’s southside attended by children related to the extended Hutch family is getting security advice from An Garda Siochana, in an alarming development that shows how the murderous feud is escalating from the confines of gangland to the heart of civil society.

The principal of a private school in a South Dublin suburb has been liaising with gardai about security issues because of concerns over pupils related to the Hutch family, casting the shadow of gangland violence over parts of middle class suburban Dublin.”

There have been at least ten gangland shootings outside or near public schools in Dublin city and county over the last five years, some of which have resulted in death or serious injury. There have been innumerable gun attacks and fire-fights in the capital’s working-class districts during the same period, leaving dozens killed and wounded. Yet when the violence casts a pall over “parts of middle class suburban Dublin“, that is when it is regarded as reaching the “heart of civil society“?

Their words betray them…


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