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An Irish Argument For Brexit

Brexit, potentially bad for the Twenty-Six and Six Counties in the short term, potentially good for the Thirty-Two Counties in the long term? From the Irish Times:

“Border controls between the island of Ireland and Britain are inevitable if there is a Brexit, according to official sources on both sides of the Irish Sea.

A strict new regime for travel between the two islands is already under consideration if the UK votes next month to leave the European Union.

The impossibility of sealing the 500km border between Northern Ireland and the Republic has put the focus on new travel arrangements.

Such a move would mean British citizens travelling from Northern Ireland would be subject to customs and border controls at air and ferry ports in Britain.

The House of Commons Northern Ireland committee has warned that strengthened identity checks on travellers between the two islands may be a more feasible option than the reintroduction of controls along the land border between North and South.

The Commons committee warned in a report entitled Northern Ireland and the EU Referendum that imposing controls along the land Border, which is crossed by up to 30,000 commuters a day, would cause considerable disruption.”

The “Remain” camp has referendum victory in it sights, if the polls are to be believed. However, if the “Leave” lobby succeeds how will farmers, business people and students from the broad unionist community react to a sudden withdrawal of European Union grants, free market access and EU citizenship? How will the broad nationalist community, north and south, react to the possibility of the British Occupation Forces reimposing the “invisible border” to pacify the demagogues of unionism outraged by the flexible nature of their UK “citizenship”? The Anglo-Irish Agreement 1985. The Irish-British Agreement 1998. The Irish-British Post-Brexit Agreement 2016? The Irish Reunification Vote 2018?

Sorry to say it, but for entirely domestic and selfish Irish reasons, I for one am hoping that the polls in Britain have got it wrong (again!).

Don’t let the door hit your heels on the way out…!


8 comments on “An Irish Argument For Brexit

  1. There are no border controls on Swedish-Norwegian and Swiss-Italian borders. Switzerland and Norway aren’t in the EU, but are in the Schengen area. In case the UK leaves the EU I see no reason for them to leave the Common Travel Area as well.


    • janis.
      What you say is interesting.
      But Neither Britain, Ireland nor Denmark are in the Schengen area.


      • The UK and Ireland are in the Common Travel Area which is a similar agreement to the Schengen one but with far fewer member states.
        If the Schengen area can contain both countries that are in the EU and outside of it then so can CTA.


  2. Graham Ennis

    Personally, I would want the UK as a whole vote to Leave. Since Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales will vote to stay, this will create an interesting crisis. It will force the Northern Ireland Unionists to face reality. It will Make the Scots incandescent. It will upset the Welsh. In other words, it will seriously damage the united kingdom, which has to be a good thing. It would hasten Irish Reunification, as collapse of the Northern Ireland Occupied Entity happened, and they were isolated and cut off. It would lead to a new Referendum in Scotland, this time with a yes vote. It would increase Nationalist support in Wales. All these things would be advantageous to Ireland. They would be anything but that to the UK Elite, who would find their legitimacy and economic power severely damaged. Whats not to like. My advice to any progressive person in England is to vote YES.


    • What would be really interesting, of course, and is quite possible, would be if England votes to leave, but the UK as a whole votes to stay, due especially to Scottish ´stay´ votes. The fallout to than scenario would be most amusing 😉

      I´ve often imagined an Indy Scotland joining Schengen just for the hell of it. The English would be obliged to set up customs posts along the border, which they´d do (initially) in all seriousness, (the English are just like that). I suspect the arrangement wouldn´t last much more than a week, by which time everyone would have realised how totally farcical it all was, like something out of Python, and simply said WTF! and refused to operate the checkpoints.

      Dunno, maybe there´s a script idea there for someone 🙂


  3. “What would be really interesting, of course, and is quite possible, would be if England votes to leave, but the UK as a whole votes to stay, due especially to Scottish ´stay´ votes. The fallout to than scenario would be most amusing..”
    Yes, this is a very good point. The permutations haven’t really been fully thought through by the Tories
    As for the second point Puckoon maybe by the late great Spike Milligan.


  4. Lord of Mirkwood

    Today’s the day! This post convinced me to root for a Brexit, even though I think Nigel Farage is a cockroach. I was talking with my dad this morning and he said he just had a feeling the UK would vote to leave…in which case, Ireland, arise!


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