Following on from a previous post examining the “Celtic from the West” theory, a quick thank you to ASF reader, Mark, for reminding me of the tetralogy, “Atlantean“, by the iconic Conamara-based film-maker Bob Quinn. His 1981 documentary series for RTÉ was one of the first to popularise in Ireland the argument that the early prehistory of western Europe should be reorientated towards its littoral, the coastal regions from southern Spain to northern Scotland, rather than its centre and south-east. Though the four films occasionally strayed into the pseudo-academic territory of Graham Hancock and others, Quinn was at least on the right track. His general instincts were correct even if his particular methods and interpretations were not. The first episode is up on Daily Motion and is well worth a look, not least because it represents a very different era of film- and television-making (much like the BBC’s old Chronicle programmes). I can’t imagine the Discovery Channel broadcasting anything as laid-back, languid and eclectic as this!

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  1. I thought Hancock came across as fairly normal/level-headed in the documentary series he did for Channel 4 in the UK, however when one got into the detail of his theories it just fell apart. At least that was my impression. He played up the “universality” of the flood myths too much while ignoring the original source in the Sumerian/Babylonian religions, and the huge influence they had in the prehistoric world.


  2. Aloha Gary

    A short version of Hancock’s most recent book – the Magicians of the Gods, which stacks up better than his earlier work


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