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An Sionnach Fionn On Twitter And Facebook

Just a quick reminder that if you prefer more tongue-in-cheek stuff An Sionnach Fionn is also on Twitter, @AnSionnachFionn, where offence is never too far away 😉 There is also a Facebook Page, AnSionnachFionn, for keeping it real 🙂

Or there is always this…


3 comments on “An Sionnach Fionn On Twitter And Facebook

  1. Lord of Mirkwood

    I’ve been following you on Twitter for a few months, but for some reason my account has locked me out as of late. Oh well, I’ll try to change the password. Always liked your tweets, though!

    • Thanks, LoM! I tweet intermittently but when I do it is usually more provocative, satirical in nature. The best form for Twitter, I think.

  2. Lord of Mirkwood

    Tá fáilte romhat! 🙂

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