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The Young Turks Versus Alex Jones

Right-wing propagandist and conspiracy theorist par excellence, Alex Jones, crashed a live broadcast of the left-leaning Young Turks during the Republican Party National Convention in Cleveland, and things got predictably heated. It’s like Gamergate but with more politics! 😀

11 comments on “The Young Turks Versus Alex Jones

  1. Joe Keenan

    Interesting that someone chose the name Young Turks for his show. Weren’t they involved in the Armenian genocide? Odd/poor choice for a TV show.


  2. Prunchess

    Young Turk – “a young person eager for radical change to the established order”

    “Another guiding principle for the Young Turks was the transformation of their society into one in which religion played no consequential role”

    Try this link =


  3. the Phoenix

    Alex Jones and his website are a joke. Within an hour of a bombing Alex claims its a false flag and starts posting his ‘evidence’ out for his gullible followers.


    • True, though he looked a wee bit scared in the video when it all kicked off. Cenk Uygur undoubtedly over-reacted.


      • the Phoenix

        I don’t think he overreacted. Alex deserved to get a beating for that. Is it just me or is Alex Jones drunk? Or does he always slur his words like that?


        • I think it was the Clinton tee-shirt and then the reference to Saudi Arabia that set Uygur off. He expresses noticeable animosity towards the dictators of Riyadh. Could be a Turkish thing, could be a (correct) liberal thing. Was that Ana Kasparian shouting “Fat fuck!” at Jones?


  4. Joe Keenan

    The Armenians (or at least some of them) hold the Young Turks accountable for genocide: That they were also for a secular state seems to hardly excuse their actions; unless one is from the “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette” school of political philosophy. Of course, that school would also shrug off An Gorta Mor.


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