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Ben Carson Demands That Woman Journalist Is Silenced While Defending Trump

There was an extraordinary exchange between the former Republican Party presidential hopeful, Ben Carson, and the British journalist, Katty Kay, during an interview on the MSNBC current affairs’ show, “Morning Joe”, on Friday. In the middle of some blunt questioning on the issue of Donald Trump’s alleged history of sexual assaults against women Carson requested that Kay’s microphone be switched off while he was talking, to the visible annoyance of conservative host, Joe Scarborough. The sight of a Trump “media surrogate” demanding that a woman be silenced while defending the business mogul’s controversial relations with woman was pretty eye-opening. It aptly displays the base level the Republican Party has sunk to – or is pandering to. Talking of which, broadcasting sociopath Rush Limbaugh waded into the scandal by criticising the “Left’s” belief in the concept of sexual “consent”. And something called the “rape police”. Un-fucking-believable…


23 comments on “Ben Carson Demands That Woman Journalist Is Silenced While Defending Trump

  1. the Phoenix

    Reminds me of the way Hillary Clinton has silenced and threatened her “husband” Bill’s rape and sexual assault victims for 40 years.
    Oh and as for “journalist” Katty Kay she has been working overtime printing multiple anti Trump pro Hillary pieces like the good little MSM servant she is.

    • It’s hard to write anything pro-Trump without sounding like a racist and xenophobe.

    • HC is pretty bad and the recent Wikileaks’ releases reveal how just unedifying her ties to the plutocracy really are. But Trump is one of the actual plutocrats. By electing him you are just bypassing the political-buffer between the 1% and the 99%. What good can from that?

      Electing the likes of Bernie Sanders would bring true change. Clinton simply brings more of the same. Trump on the other hand is a Randian nightmare beyond the worse aspirations of the Koch brothers!

      • the Phoenix

        More of the same is a nightmare to me. Trump is closer to Bernie Sanders than Clinton ever will be. Why do you think so many Bernie Sanders supporters or (bucket of losers as Hillary calls them) are planning to vote Trump?

        • I think Trump or (more likely) his advisers have certainly realised that there are potential votes in the disenfranchised Sanders’ movement. The frequent mentions of Sanders in his claims of vote-rigging will certainly appeal to some.

  2. Lord of Mirkwood

    I still find it hard to believe this is actually happening. The Republican nominee has admitted to a felony and it’s being treated like business as usual.

  3. “woman journalist”!!!!
    Why would you not refer to her merely by her profession, she is, after all, just as entitled to be so described as any man?
    So your title should read: “Ben Carson Demands That Journalist Is Silenced While Defending Trump”.
    Ah that’s not very exciting. No crazy goings-on to hyperventilate about there.

    • Yes, but in the context of a conversation about misogyny, sexual harassment (or assault), where Carson was defending the alleged perpetrator of said misdemeanours, to request that a woman journalist asking fair questions about his defence be shut down…? That just feeds into the sexist narrative that characterises Trump and company. Whether unfair or not, they are the authors of their own misfortune.

      • the Phoenix

        Have you ever seen how Trump supporters are treated on US media? They are attacked,badgered and interrupted endlessly by multiple people. Clinton News Network and Hillary shills at MSNBC routinely stack the deck. They have one Trump supporter against 3 or 4 anti Trump people and the Trump supporter is interrupted and badgered relentlessly. I think the normally calm Ben Carson had enough of it. And that is part of the pro Clinton media’s goal of making Trump supporters look “unhinged.”

        • But then you have Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge Report, One America News Network and so on in opposition to Trump or Sanders where there is not even a pretence of balance. I will give you that some on MSNBC are a bit OTT (Maddow, etc.) and not all Trump folk are in the basket of deplorables. However I cannot see what a Trump presidency will do if the intention of his voters is to overthrow the plutocracy which controls the two-party system. He is the plutocracy!

          • the Phoenix

            And the Clintons aren’t plutocrats?

          • the Phoenix

            There is a difference between a news org leaning in a certain political direction and being a paid shill of a party as the wikileaks leaks prove many news orgs are.

          • the Phoenix

            Its interesting you mention Fox News. Fox at first gave Trump lots of bad press and only grudgingly supported him after he became nominee. There are still many people at Fox who are well known not to like Trump. Conservative sit The Blaze is run by Glenn Beck who openly despises Trump and has advised people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

            • If Trump said he was going to overturn Citizens United v. FEC and clean up lobbying, the electoral system, and congressional terms through constitutional reform I’d be a lot more sympathetic to him on a political level, despite his otherwise deplorable nature. But he will do none of those things. So what is the point of him?

              • the Phoenix

                Actually he has announced many reforms including term limits for congress. Draining the swamp as he calls it. And what is the point of Hillary? Other than more wars.

  4. No can’t agree. It’s a partisan reading of a simple request that an opponent in a debate not be allowed to interrupt him.
    While Trump is a clown silly stuff like this only makes me want to vote for him to spite the patronisers and dumbers down who campaign against him.

    • Fair enough. I will agree that things have gone OTT in terms of people seeing nefarious Trump behaviour in every little action. Though obviously I don’t think my criticism of Ben Carson falls into that category 😉 I was watching one of the MSNBC morning shows over the weekend and the host was implying that Trump was a racist because no African-American women have come forward to complain that he had assaulted them. Which was as fine an example of reductio ad absurdum as I’ve ever seen!

  5. Ha! Definitely an admirer of the blond haired, blue-eyed types alright!
    The funny thing is, just as happened to lyin Bill Clinton back in the day, that the moral ‘sin’ – the cheating, the leering, the bullying – has been overshadowed by a whole range of spin-off tomfoolery. Each of them is so morally compromised that they can’t just say “Trump is an abuser of women – why would you vote for such a creature?” / “Hillary participated in the silencing of the women her husband preyed on – why would you vote for such a creature?”

    The Americans like to make jokes on the peccadillos of the French and Italian politicians but these two are a whole other level of smarmy.

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