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Defending Donald Trump’s Penchant For Dropping The Hand

One suspects that if the Republican Party nominee, Donald Trump, succeeds in his campaign to be elected the president of the United States he intends to politically treat the people of the US the same way he privately treats women, and  “…grab ’em by the pussy” (or balls). His performance in the recent debate with Hillary Clinton seems to have boosted his standing among his supporters, and some detractors, though Christ knows how. The contemptuous dismissing of Clinton throughout the televised encounter as “she” and “her” grated on my nerves but so far it has largely escaped censure by the media pundits. Surely that level of gender-sneering is just as revealing of his true attitudes as any amount of “bawdy” or “locker-room” talk (a very American concept, in any case)? In the wake of the scandal the CNN host Brooke Baldwin interviewed Vicki Sciolaro, of the Kansas Republican Party, and her on-air reaction to the latter’s defence of Kaiser Drumpf is priceless.

11 comments on “Defending Donald Trump’s Penchant For Dropping The Hand

  1. Lord of Mirkwood

    The Republican leadership seems to have finally realized they’re on a sinking ship. Even some rank-and-file voters are getting second thoughts now. A few blocks away from me, there is a house that has had a “Trump: Make America Great Again!” sign for the past four months – somewhat anomalously for my heavily Democratic region. This morning, when I drove by, that sign was gone.

  2. the Phoenix

    So now saying “she” and “her” is sexist,Seamy? Political correctness has washed your brain of all reason.
    You need to be re-educated in the means of critical thinking by listening to Milo Yianopolous.
    Anyways,it looks like your hero Killary will win. If you want to know what Hitlery will do to the world just look at her legacy in Iraq,Syria and Libya. Look at the millions of refugees and migrants entering Europe and the thousands who have died in the Med. Look at the increase of islamic terror across Europe. Hillary’s favourite world leader is Merkel. Leader of Germany which had its first suicide bombing this year. Aren’t new things fun? Lastly,look at the west’s relations with Russia. Hillary pressed the reset button and restarted the cold war. If it leads to a hot one whoever is in the White House won’t concern any of us. Enjoy your psychopathic war mongerer.

    • Ah c’mon, the constant use of “she” and her” was pretty insulting was it not? Especially with the heavy emphasis. Hey, I don’t like Clinton either, I’m a Bernie Bros, but absent the senator from Vermont, she is the best of a bad choice. It could be worse, I suppose, it could be Jill Stein (a political novice) or Gary Johnson (a political car crash).

      • the Phoenix

        Kind of like calling Obama “that man” as Hillary does? I believe Trump has no respect for Hillary neither do i. It has nothing to do with her being a woman. One of my all time heroes is Bernadette McAliskey. And one of the people i hate more than any other is Thatcher.
        I am not a fan of Trump,i hate the rich almost invariably but i seriously see him as a lesser evil. He has already destroyed the GOP and that is a great accomplishment.

        • Not in the debate though, where she was studiously polite bar the odd slip.

          Genuinely intrigued as to how he is the “lesser evil” in this context. What changes do you see him bringing to the White House beyond doing an 1814 and burning Washington? I sometimes get the impression that some US voters just want the Beltway establishment to feel their pain, that they want to hurt the career politicos the way they have hurt ordinary people since 2007-8. Is it a case of lets burn the village to save the village or is it something more?

          • the Phoenix

            That is because she is a crafted politician. Her whole strategy is to paint Trump as “unhinged.”
            I will tell you what unhinged is. Hillary wants a no fly zone in Syria which would not only protect the jihadists she helped arm with weapons from the failed state of Libya which she helped destroy but would also put the US in direct conflict with Russia which would put us on a hair trigger of nuclear war. Its not only me saying this. None other than Jill Stein said yesterday she is more scared of Hillary Clinton having the nuclear codes than Donald Trump.

            • He does the job himself better than anyone ever could. No one forced Trump to brag about sexually assaulting women.

          • the Phoenix

            I see you posted a video from the Clinton News Network. The MSM is almost entirely behind Hillary. Always be wary when the media backs someone or something with such persistence. They don’t have our well being in mind.

  3. Do you not have to go as far as Trump to find sneering superiority, the recent FG fund raising breakfast had our own misogynists in action and they are in power!!!!

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